New year, new planning system!

Click the link below for a discount on your first Erin Condren life planner, from me to you 🙂

In January I started looking into the Erin Condren planners again to see what all the hype was really about. Initially I wanted to stay away from all of the buzz, just didn’t think it would be necessary. But, I did a lot of youtubing and instagraming and began falling in love with the system. Imagine that right?!  Well, more so the way the guru’s were using the planner. So I took the leap and custom ordered one of the basics.  I had to refrain from buying the pretty gold and platinum plated ones but did make a bargain that if this first one goes well and I like it, come next year I can upgrade. Fair enough right?!

Overview: I feel like it took forever to get to here. I ordered the planner on January 1st, I believe. The website gives an estimated date of shipment–do not mistaken that for WHEN you get the actual order. Mine was January 12th. Then from there it took another 5 days to get to my door. Because I waited so long and had so much anticipation, I was hoping for A LOT, like in my face WOW.


I feel like the design itself was pretty but I just kept thinking something was wrong with the color. It almost looked like the ink was LOW in some areas at first glance, especially in my name. I just am not sure if this is how it was supposed to look, or if I was jipped out of ink? LOL.  However, everything else was pretty nice and made me happy.


Included with the shipment were an array of stickers, a few of them custom made with my name. And it’s not shown here but she also includes an assortment of colorful labels as well.


A coupon code is also included which is going to be great for my next order!



Inside the planner, this nice little book is included where you can list birthdays, anniversaries, etc!

IMG_8977 IMG_8986 IMG_8988

What’s also included that I did not take a picture of is a notes and doodle section, beautifully decorated for your personal use. The notes section comes in handy for those of us that are obsessed with LISTS! 🙂


So here, I’ve already made myself a key–and it’s just going to keep growing as I figure out the direction I want to take.

IMG_8997 IMG_9000

Last but not least, this is what I work with. Through a youtuber, I am now hooked on these pens, they’re the Papermate Flair. It’s a felt tip pen that does not bleed through paper, this kind of paper anyway. Sometimes I’ll use the Pilot G2 but nothing is as bold and bright as the papermate flair. And of course I need a pencil for drafts and a sharpie for heavy duty stuff.

And there it is, the setup for my Erin Condren life planner. I’m loving it so far and am having so much fun decorating and PLANNING!  It definitely keeps me sane.  At the end of February I will do an updated review. Until then, have a sweet Sunday!


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