Hump Day

Happy Wednesday! Was woken up this morning with a wet kiss planted on my face by my 4 yr old followed by a “mommy, sawv os!” (Mommy wake up). One eye open I reached for my phone and sadly it is once again 11:30. Its been so hard to sleep lately, and I had a good dose of Benadryl last night to tuck me in, horrible indeed. The boys have been ever so patient with me and my unfortunate habit as of late.  Eventually, I got up and started the day. Reheated a fabulous plate of fried rice for the boys and freshened up for the day.

Have I mentioned yet that we are official members of the Y? Yes indeed we are. Never thought we would be only because I’m frugal that way and could never before justify the dreadful monthly fee of $100+. But, surprisingly about a month ago my husband caught a “horrible picture” of himself (his words not mine) and have since been determined to get back on a healthy track. So after checking out a couple options, LA fitness, Xerience fitness (both which I’ve been a previous member of), Maplewood Community Center and then the Y. After much thought and consideration and weighing all of our options of course, we both fell in love with the Y and everything it was able to offer our little family–it fit our needs, daycare 7days a week while we work out, and access to all clubs in the area, why not, no one else could offer that. And everything else was history, we’ve been going just about every single day, work out for 1-2hrs and then we pick up our little munchkin and head for some quality family pool time. It’s been a peach.

Since my hiatus, I’ve also been very bad at keeping up my daily organization and life planner ritual. So while the boys headed out for a swim I stayed behind to catch up on my invisible to-do list. It was definitely tiring. Months of un-logged bills, it was a complete mess; made a couple of phone calls since wells fargo has been harassing me every single day for the last week, wrote out a to-do list for the rest of the week, made my grocery list for next week, tidied up the first floor, while enjoying a cup of herbal Asian goodness that my sweet Mom bought for me, she says it’s everything a woman’s body needs, so I’m going with that.

4pm and I think it’s time to get dinner ready because I’m such an amazing wife ;-). I try my best to plan the night before if I don’t have a weekly plan in hand, I took out a chicken last night so chicken it is tonight oh and of course left over stirfry green beans since it’ll be spoiled soon. Nothing better than homemade authentic hmong food for the soul. Chicken boiled, pulled apart, and then sprinkled with seasoning and herbs just like my husband likes it, he won’t eat it any other way. Actually, he doesn’t eat boiled chicken period but his choices are limited tonight :-). Blanched the beans quick to get rid of that waxy taste and then pan fried on high heat with my special “everything” sauce.  My sexy beast then cleans up and does the dishes (yes indeed he does, it started over 6mos ago), I help Rowyn clean up and then we get situated on the couch and browse through endless and pointless cable channels for something half decent usually the foodnetwork, travel channel, forensic files, or dateline, while we wait for Daddy to finish up, oh and we also treat ourselves to some sort of a dessert at this point, usually vanilla ice cream with a couple slices of fruit whatever we have in stock, but homemade brownies it is tonight.

7pm we all usually take a bathroom break (honestly) and then head out for our nightly walk around the neighborhood. The sun is perfect at this time in the season, sun’s about to go down, the air is perfect, right touch of wind and we’re walking off whatever delicious food we’ve just devoured. A nice and winding path around the neighborhood usually takes us a good 45minutes and we’re back home. The boys go and get comfortable and I set up for my embarrassing yet relieving yogalates ritual. My chubby little ham usually joins me in stretches, crawls all around me and then heads for his array of buses tucked nicely in his play cabinet.

We’re all cleaned up and freshened for bed by now–we’ve been making camp in the living room this week, it’s been a heap of fun, don’t know if I enjoy it more than my tempurpedic king bed though but sometimes a change of snoozing scenery is good. We have a movable 7 piece sectional so we just move it around to make a fort and that’s it, pillows and a nice big blanket. Rowyn will usually hit the sack in a good hour around 10 or 11 and Koby and I will enjoy some cuddle time catching up on forensic files or Investigation Discovery, I know, we’re romantic that way.

And I’ll end it here, with a nice hot cup of green tea blogging away, and then a dose of my youtube gurus for another 45min or so and I’ll get my day’s beauty rest in.

My computer’s still being fixed so no pictures for now.  Can’t wait to have it back as I’ve purchased my new telescopic lens so I’m excited to test it out and post up pictures with my blogs which will be a lot more interesting! 🙂



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