50 Random Facts

Why not 🙂 ……

1) I got my name from a 4th  grade play/story in music class “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

2) I danced in middle school (hmong dance) and then taught it briefly in high school

3) I HATED mcnuggets when they first came out

4) I slept on my tummy for most of my life in fear that I would get sleep paralysis, I still got it anyway

5) My first car was a Honda Accord

6) I was born with a beauty mark on the right side of my face (not anymore though 🙂

7) I love diet pepsi

8) My first job was at Wendy’s

9) I’ve been 6 different sizes in my entire life, and not proud of most those numbers

10) I’ve lived 11yrs in La Crosse, 1yr in Milwaukee, and the last 9 in MN

11) Titanic was the first movie I ever saw in theaters

12) The only panties I’ll wear are VS


14) I love classic Hmong songs

15) I married my Husband 4 days before my 23rd birthday

16) I saw The Lord of the Rings 4x in theater and all 4x I fell asleep

17) I bought my first car at 26, Nissan Armada

18) I took hmong class in grade school and never learned a thing, I taught myself when I was 13

19) My first pair of heels that I bought myself was a white pair of Steve Maddens

20) I love my legs, they’re short but they’re my best feature LOL (I think anyway)

21) When I met my husband he knew me as Emily LOL (I never gave out my real name)

22) I had a cup of extra sweet french vanilla coffee everyday in college

23) When I was a child, a dog chased me and I fainted, my parents had to “hu plig”

24) I got my first tattoo when I turned 21

25) My bedroom walls were once covered in center folds of Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Jonathan Brandis, Mike Vitar etc

26) I’m probably in $100,000 worth of school loan debt  LOL j/k but it’s pretty close!

27) When I was a teenager I lived by the motto “you only live once, buy and do everything to make you feel beautiful” and I did……….

28) I think I was seriously meant to be a journalist, I love writing, I love expression

29) I’ve been to Florida 3x, Michigan 1x …. sadly no where else

30) I love steamed rice rolls

31) I’ve only cut my hair 3 times in my life

32) I’m obsessed with candles, anything candle

33) I never walk barefoot in my kitchen

34) I hate leaving my hair down

35) I get bad insomnia

36) Almost all of my life I’ve had a fear of using public bathrooms

37) I took French for 4 years

38) I’m obsessed with flowers

39) I hate being called Cynthia, DO NOT CALL ME THAT

40) I have a Bachelor’s in Business Management

41) There is always a pack of benadryl in my handbag

42) I’m allergic to nickel/most metals

43) I love Dior Pure Poison and Versace Bright Crystal

44) I’m a 38 DD and I swear it keeps growing! 🙂

45) I always light the candles and put on music when I clean

46) My ring finger is crooked and pregnant 😦

47) I love Ralph Lauren hence my son’s wardrobe, It’s a child hood thing

48) Every single door in my house must be shut at all times, it’s a phobia

49) I’ve permanently banned myself from horror movies

50) My Mom is my BESTEST friend


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