Prepping for the week, laundry, and closet peek…

It is Sunday and that means laundry, laundry, more laundry and prepping for work day!  So as you already know I’m all about routine, organization etc, it keeps me whole and sane = laundry day does have a process as well. Along with the laundry, it’s usually my clean up day. I love, and try to start my week with a clean and organized home.

Once I am done with laundry I have a process in which I pair and prep my clothes for the week. Of course this may not work for everyone but it really gets me going in the morning (week) if I don’t have to worry about what to wear; where is my black tank, where is my legging, etc, because how many times have you had that kind of a morning…ladies?! I know I do, almost all the time. Besides, I don’t wear a uniform to work so it helps me to put my outfits together ahead of time = every extra minute of sleep counts! LOL. In every situation you must consider what you have to work with and find a way to…make it work! Moving from a spacey home into a 2bedroom townhome 5years ago has definitely been a challenge on space, I basically had 2 whole bedrooms to myself, but I’ve found a way to make this work for my family.

I have a miniature walk-in closet and a decent size dresser that I share with my husband. I’ve divided that space into different areas of usage (again I’m going to apologize in advance for the horrible picture quality!)


This is the very first drawer of my dresser. This is the only drawer that I use a divider for organization. This side of the drawer consists of my tanks, both for casual and sleep (wear) and my lounging shirts (moo-moo as I call it LOL). And over the years, I’ve developed a very specific way of folding my tanks, and this way works for me because when I used to have a larger closet area my tanks were stacked into rows versus on top of one another if that makes sense.


To fold, I start out with it laying front side down like this



then into thirds just like this with the straps exposed


Next, fold in both sides into thirds again from the left and the right


and there you have, a nice, clean square tank. It fits well in the dresser and I can easily see what it is and pick it out.


In the middle of the dividers are my panties. The drawer doesn’t pull out all the way, but as you can see I coordinate them by color, lightest to darkest (all my black ones are way in the back). The type of panty doesn’t matter much to me, I know what kind of panties I have so as long as I can see the top I know which one is which.


And then on the far left side are my bras. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of “pretty” bras if any at all. Being a bigger chested girl I have to go with what works for me and fancy bras just DO NOT hold up. Nothing special, light to dark, separated by the type of bra.


2nd drawer down is one of my faves! Sweater (dresses), cardigans and any top that doesn’t hang well on my hangers. The rule of thumb is that sweaters shouldn’t be hung. That takes away the shape/size and pretty much ruins the original form—so don’t hang your nice and oversized sweaters! 🙂


The next drawer is for my work pants, khakis, dress pants ect. 2 whites, 2 tans, 1 gray, and 3 blacks. Most of my pants are from New York and Company, they’re the best for length (cuz I’m petite at 5’0), size, fit, style and price! Lov’em!


Last but not least, my jeans drawer. As you can tell, I don’t wear a lot of jeans. When I was younger and slimmer I did, over the years and 40+ pounds later I’m down to 4 pairs LOL. Most of them jeggings. I typically buy them from gap or American Eagle (or uban outfitter…one or the other), they’ve got great jeggings!


Now into my closet, I have 4 plastic storage containters (Walmart) that I use for additional clothing items/accessories. The first drawer is for things like specialty bras, body shapers, wash cloths, and random fabric belts etc, few of Rowyn’s things as well.


Second drawer contains my shorts and skirts, pretty basic, nothing fancy, not sorted to type, color or anything, just simple.


Next down is my relaxation/work out drawer, basic tees, work out pants/shirts/bras. Love love love those knee length Nike work out pants, I have 5 of them and yes, all in black LOL. This is my comfy area! 🙂


And last but not least, my sock drawer. It’s divided into type/needs. The far right ones are just regular every day socks, not sure why I have so many of them since I never wear any sneakers outside of the gym. The middle ones are specific gym ones, these don’t slip off of my feet nor do they make my feet feel sweaty or overheated. And then there are my specialty goodies and my slip ons.


Above these drawers hang my scarfs. If you know me, you know I barely wear scarves, hence my MINUTE collection. I really like scarves but I just can’t wear them for what they’re worth; I get hot too easily and I’m large busted so it just doesn’t look pleasing on me 😦  However, that polka-dot one is my all time FAV, extra long, extra big, thin, and soft!


Swing across to the other side of my closet and there are the rest of my clothes. Now to you it may look just like a messy array of tops. But it’s actually categorized–as horrible as this picture makes it look. From the very far left starts out with dresses and misc things I don’t wear/haven’t worn, that category alone is aligned by style as well, dressy to casual. Next comes my long sleeves, quarter length sleeves, short sleeves, and then sleeveless. All of the tops are arranged by color, darkest to lightest.


On this side are my covers and blazers arranged from short sleeve to long sleeve and lightest to darkest in color…but I’m not sure why that yellow one is hanging in front of the whites LOL


From that, it takes me to styling for the week. When I can easily see what I have and where everything is, it makes the selection process A LOT less challenging. Here I’ve picked out and paired 5 outfits for the week.






Now…I know some days we wake up and just don’t feel like wearing a certain item or something changes, such as the weather. We definitely can’t plan for all circumstances but again that’s where the organization comes to play. You can easily switch something out when you know where everything is and its accessible.

so there you have it, my miniature closet tour and my weekly outfits at a glance. We all have a way of keeping sane and making things work for ourselves and our lives. Whether you have a grand closet or no closet, whether you have all fabulous designer clothes or not much at all, taking the time to go through what you have and putting together a plan will make anything in your space and closet work.

Until next time…. 🙂


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