What’s in my PURSE…

Yes–what’s in my purse! I’m always so curious as to what other women carry in their purse, and especially how some woman manage to always carry such small bags–I can’t live without totes, huge totes. I feel like I need to carry something for all occasions, to cover all the “what if’s”. Here is a glimpse of my everyday bag and haul (excuse the quality, as always)


I carry this very old but very sturdy classic tan Coach bag. It’s probably eight years old, I’ve had it before my son was born given all the discoloration and quality of the bag ūüė¶ . It’s done its time. Anyway, it’s old now but still does the job great which is why it’s my EVERYDAY go to bag.


It literally holds my entire life in there. It definitely gets heavy after a while but 1) it’s an arm work out and 2) I’d be more upset not having the things I need when I need them. All my things fit very snug in here and I think there’s still more room for additional “THINGS”


Here, on the back flap side (?) I store my shades and phone. How many times have you tossed your phone into your bag and can’t find it for the life of you when a call comes through?! Me–all the time! So I¬†designated this area for my phone and it’s worked TREMENDOUSLY, I know where it is at all times and it’s easily accessible. The shades are just a cheap pair of Guess ones I bought a while back from Marshall’s. I really can’t complain though, it didn’t come with a case or anything fancy really but it’s super durable and doesn’t feel cheap at all, I store it in this pouch and no scratches.


On the front zip pocket I store my “art” pens and page flags, basically items for my planner. Initially, I didn’t want to carry these items with me due to the added weight but there’s been so many times I’ve needed to chart/write in my planner and couldn’t do so properly (if you’ve read my planner blog, I color code everything), and when that happens I either use a black pen (which does not help me sort out my events when I look back) or I forget to do so when I get home


and then in the front snap(?) pocket area is my wallet, sani-wipes and a snack. I think I bought that little coach wallet a couple years back for dirt cheap, probably $30 or so dollars at the factory outlet. It’s nice, thin and has all the pockets I need. The sani-wipes as you can see are the “Wet Ones” in the citrus scent because I hate the overall scent of sani-wipes so the citrus helps to cut that down just a tad. I NEED NEED NEED sani-wipes in my bag, I’m such a germophobe, and it’s really for my four year old as well. I always carry a snack with me if not candy. Every now and then I get hypoglycemic and need that sugar boost. Today, I have Fiber One’s coconut almond, it’s sooo good!


So here are all the items inside my tote, my planner, a black pen (snapped to one of the side pockets), my Baby Phat glasses, my walking pharmacy bag, make-up bag, and necessity(?) bag


My pharmacy bag–the most important, I don’t go anywhere without this bad boy. I think I purchased this on impulse during one of my target strolls a couple years back, it’s a Modella brand. To store my medication, I use a¬†four section pill box. This¬†was part of a gift package¬†I received a couple years back when I was working at the hospital, it’s come in handy! I use it for my daily medication, 2 of my mandatory meds and then 2 of something else which I usually change out every so often–¬†a range of goods such as¬†Tylenol, vitamins etc. In addition I ALWAYS have at least a pack of Benadryl. I’m seriously allergic to EVERYTHING. And last but not least, Midol. Every girl needs a little bit of that good concoction ūüôā


And here is my makeup bag, another Modella brand, it’s part of a 4 piece toiletry package I bought since we do so much traveling to see my family. It’s really small and just the perfect size since I don’t carry too much makeup with me. I¬†usually don’t reapply my makeup through out the day, this is mainly¬†for emergencies, sometimes I’ve had to meet a client or do a presentation out of the blue and I need to look more “freshened” up.¬†These are usually my staple items: mascara, usually Loreal, Mac¬†Cr√®me d’ nude, Mac Snob, Stila liquid lipstick in Aria, Revlon Pink Pout (love love), and UD black eye liner. Just minimal makeup to sharpen up a bit


Last but not least, my necessity bag, another Modella. I always carry feminine products to prepare for those “oh shit” moments, it’s come to the rescue so many times. These are Tampax Pearls, they work the best in my opinion, and it may be all a little TMI but seriously, we’re all women, and how many men blog or read blogs?! Next is one of my all time needs, wet wipes. How many times have you gone shopping and got something yucky on your hands without a bathroom near by, especially at the Asian grocery store! I just take a couple of baby wipes, put them in a baggy, seal it¬†shut and it stays nice and wet for use every time. Dental floss is always a necessity, I don’t even need to explain myself. I don’t know how many times I’ve been at family functions and no one knows where they keep their floss! And then there is my hand sanitizer just in case I run out of my wipes or don’t want to use them, travel size sun lotion, lens cleaner, and eye drops.

It may seem a bit much for some people but it’s all necessities¬†to me and has been such a life savor. I always want to be prepared for the unexpected and although I know I can’t prepare for all circumstances, at least I can prepare for the more common disasters.¬†I¬†am a mother now, and maybe that’s played a large role in why I do the things I do! ūüôā

So…are you a tote kind of girl, or can you keep your necessities to a minimum?


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