Work Out Routine

Happy Hump Day Wednesday!  Thought I’d share my workout routine today–now a disclaimer, I by no means am saying that I’m a fitness expert let alone LOOK like someone who should be giving anyone advice but I know that I love hearing other peoples tips and tricks and what works for them. Not every thing that works for one person will work for another but there’s no harm in trying out something; one new thing.

First and foremost, I think it’s important to know yourself, meaning knowing how your own body works because not everyone will respond the same way.  Over the years I’ve learned that my body will not respond to anything but hard core cardio and I’m not talking about taebo, insanity(not realistic), or any of that circuit workout stuff, I’m talking about basic, simple, old fashion RUNNING. So bearing that in mind, I break up my workouts into mini sessions throughout the week.

Monday = cardio

This means I’m on the treadmill for an hour. For the first half hour I am walking at a speed of 3 for 4 minutes and then running at 4.3 for 1 minute and then I alternate that with walking for 4 minutes and then running at 5.2 for 1 minute. For the last half hour I walk on an incline to slowly bring my adrenaline down. Walking on incline 3 for 10 minutes, then incline 5.5 for 10 minutes, and then 8.5 for 10 minutes. Finally, I’ll hop onto the eliptical for 15 minutes. I don’t about anyone else but my legs/thighs aren’t strong enough for the eliptical, however I’ve learned that if I jump on the treadmill first, I can do the eliptical just fine…I’m sure it has something to do with my legs being numb by that point 🙂

Tuesday = abs

I always start out on the treadmill to get my heart racing, for about 15 minutes or so. The next 45 minutes it’s straight up ab workouts. I get a lot of my routines from when I was younger, I used to love working out with Denise Austin videos. I’ve combined some of those moves with things I find on youtube, which has a tremendous amount of informative tutorials (blogilates, modernmom, popsugar etc). Regardless of what I choose to do, I always do traditional situps. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s the one thing that I can do that cinches my waist line, I hit at least 5 reps of 10, oh and I use exercise balls A LOT.

Wednesday = cardio

Thursday = thighs/butt

I start out with the “ski” machine as I call it (cuz I don’t know the name) it sort of makes you do a high knee like move, I’ll usually do that for about 15 minutes, it burns right away.  Then I get right into lunges while my legs are still fresh. I pace the width of the fitness room using a 12lb bar, I do 4 full laps (our fitness room isn’t that big). Next is a couple reps of kettle bell squats and then I go to the mat with an exercise ball (youtube has a lot of tutorials on this as well), then donkey kicks and bridges.

Friday = cardio

Saturday = arms/legs/core

After my 15 minutes of cardio I start out with dumbells, I enjoy using dumbbells a lot more than using any other machine/equipment. I only use 5lb weights because repitition is key for me, light weights and repitition = lean and tone, the heavier the weight, the bulkier/more muscle you build. The one move I enjoy most is the forward arm raise, it gives you very nice and chiseled shoulders, for a girl with big flappy arms, that’s a recipe for me! Once I’m done with my free weights, I’m on the mat again with a variety of yogalates to strengthen and elongate my legs/torso (again youtube provides some good videos on this), I do 4 reps of 15s for each leg. I also include light circuit moves; mountain climbers, planks, etc and alternate those inbetween my leg reps.

Sunday = wild card

Sunday’s are usually a free for all, if I get a chance to go to the gym then it’s a straight cardio day, otherwise this day is usually reserved for house duties, errands, rest etc. If the weather cooperates we usually go for a family walk in the evening, just very relaxed.

So that’s it, my workout/gym routine. This is just to give you an idea of what I do on any given week, it’s not to say it happens all the time in this exact way. I’m human, things happen, sometimes I have a bad day and the most I want to do is go swimming with my son, or something comes up and my schedule is botched and that’s okay, things are going to happen and the important thing is that I have a plan and I have good intentions to try and meet those goals/plans. From July until now, roughly 2 months, I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds. I feel very good, and I am very proud. Of course I’m not at my ideal “size” yet but this time around I’ve coached myself to TRUELY accept that it’s not going to happen over night. One bowl of pho is not going to make me obese, nor will 100 situps make me slim. Everyday I’m trying to get into the concept that this is a lifestyle change and in order for it to be that way I’m going to have to incorporate some OFF days, and understand that time is going to prove to be my best friend. It took me 8 years to put on all this weight, it’s not going to take me a day or a week or even a month to take it off. So I’m definitely going to work hard, but I’m also going to remember that I need to live as well, and not deprive.  Good luck to all and any of you on your road to a better and healthier you, “you’re a step closer today than you were yesterday”


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