Tip Thursday

Do most of you have a clean house? I like to think I have a fairly clean house, and the one thing most people think of right away is a mad-cleaning-crazed-lady, when in reality (for me anyway) it’s because I’m lazy. I don’t like to clean, I’m not even going to pretend that I like to clean. I clean because I have to, I clean because I’m anal and I can’t bear to look at disorganization or dirt or mess, call it what you want. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a method for my madness – “catch all bins”


This is by far one of my most important bins. (apparently I’ve been crafting and planner planning) It’s my “travel” catch all. It sits right here in my dining room and throughout the day I throw things in there, that is, anything that doesn’t belong on the first floor, or anything I want to bring up to the second floor. Believe it or not, it always fills up. By bedtime or when I head upstairs to shower and get ready for the night I bring it up. As I run the bath for my little peanut I utilize this time to clear out the basket as needed. The basket then stays upstairs for the night right in our loft where I can easily throw things into that..of course, needs to go downstairs in the morning.


This second bin is also very purposeful. It sits right here on our counter where we can easily access necessities such as our keys (mainly our keys). Of course, we could easily just throw them on the counter tops but how ugly and messy would that be?! This way, the mess is contained and the area looks a little more polished. What also goes into this bin is a lighter because I use candles all the time, check book and then sticky notes and pens — always need one but you can never find one! that solves that problem!


Lastly, our third bin. The multi-functional miscellaneous catch all, it has more of a purpose in the fall when we need a place to store our hats, gloves and scarves. Otherwise it used to be filled with all of Rowyn’s necessities. We still keep a box of wet wipes in there because we go through those like nothing (not for Rowyn). Things rotate in and out of this bin depending on the time of year and what other essentials we need.

And that’s it, our pick-up system. It works very well for our family and it’s just enough to contain the mess yet doesn’t distract or become a clutter to our living space either. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money either, the travel basket was part of a hospital baby gift package we received many years ago and the misc. basket originally came from Rowyn’s nursery. The only thing we bought was the counter top catch all which was probably $8 at home goods. So you can definitely use what you already have in your home 🙂


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