Orchard Fun

A couple weeks back we paid a visit to our annual apple orchard farm, Afton apple orchard and we had a fabulous time as always. The farm is very big with multiple fields of apples and pumpkins as well as strawberries and raspberries all included with the entrance price. It’s about $3 or so for adults and they usually don’t charge for small children, we’ve been going there since Rowyn was 1 and he hasn’t been charged yet 🙂 . This year we decided to try the hay ride which was FUN but dirty, I think we went on like 3 times and each time we sat on a diffrent part of the truck/hay, we learned, you wanna sit furthest to the back! We filled ourselves with plenty of apples and a galore of raspberries, even yellow raspberries (not a fan of). And then we took Rowyn to the playground for a bit before we left. We had a fabulous time and spent a good 2.5 hours there. Really wanted to try some fresh made apple fritters but the lines we exhaustingly LONG, maybe next year. Enjoy the few pictures! :-)








The warm weather has definitely ended for the year, hope you’ve had your orchard fun too! Stay warm!

– Cyndie –


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