DIY Skin Care Home Remedy

After my last pregnancy my skin was completely shot, especially the area around the edges of my face. Not only was it infested with pimples and black heads but very painful cystic acne. Knowing that a lot of the issue was derived from my imbalanced hormones I tried to remain patient and avoided over medicating my skin. About 2 months went by and my skin was still at it’s worse so I was getting pretty desperate. I’ve always heard good things about apple cider vinegar but was always too iffy to actually try it. After watching a couple of youtube reviews I figured “why not?!”, it’s cheap right?! Here’s what you’ll need: a bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother *very important* Does not need to be this brand), some water ( I prefer bottled water), a small spray bottle, and some cotton pads (I suggest a high quality brand).

Because apple cider vinegar is so strong, it is suggested to start out with a 75/25 ratio first especially if you know that you have sensitive skin. I started with that ratio for my solution just by eyeballing it, you can definitely try and measure it out if you want (teaspoons at a time?). Make sure to really shake up the vinegar first and get the mother dispersed before you pour it into your spray bottle. Which brings me back to why it’s so important to get vinegar with the mother. That untouched and pure part of the vinegar basically acts as a topical antibiotic for your skin.

When I first started using this remedy, I added it onto the end of my night time skin care regimen, after face wash, toning and moisturizing. I spray a little bit onto a cotton pad and dab it all over the affected areas of my face. I started noticing a subtle difference after the first night especially on my small zits and pimples. By the 3rd application I started noticing my cystic acne drying up and turning into “pop-able” pimples. Gradually I started increasing the amount of vinegar into my solution. Right now I am at 75% vinegar and 25% water. I’m not a skin expert by any means and I’m also not saying that it’s cured my acne or will cure yours but it’s definitely helped to keep my acne at bay. I like to think that once my body and hormones are back to normal that this remedy will certainly keep my skin clean and clear. Oh and did I forget to mention it **SMELLS**! So be very careful and don’t spill or spray it near your precious items!

So if you have acne prone skin like me, give it a try, the worse that can happen is it won’t work! ;-P

– Cyndie –


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