Toting Tuesday

What a busy day, I am just winding down now! Our days have been hectic and have been starting earlier and earlier, this morning wasn’t an exception either. Grabbed my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato iced coffee and I was out the door with my little giant. We drove all the way out to the meat market to pick up some yummy beef jerky. We ALWAYS get the spicy kind, so good, so expensive, but definitely worth it. Then we stopped at the local Festivals to pick up some yummy treats and goodies for Mumma (that’s what my little bean calls his grandma). Came home and whipped up a quick lunch and devoured our miniature gourmet cupcakes. Everyday after lunch we’ve been trying to explore something new, the other day we went down the street to the park, today, we took an extended tour around the neighborhood, it was certainly a beautiful sight to see; we’re definitely going to keep taking advantage of this beautiful November weather yet. Came home, put the kiddos down for a nap and finally got some real adult work in, the work is never ending, it’s not in sight yet anyway, but hopefully better days are just right around the corner *winks*. Finally, we ended the night celebrating my nephew’s 10th birthday. I hope you too were able to enjoy this beautiful day, especially while it lasts. I did snap some pictures for your enjoyment, and still do not have my computer up and running yet so no quality pictures for awhile 😦 . Until next time! 🙂





This house is always the first “decked” out house in the neighborhood, it’s always been that way



Sweet Shop, a hole in the wall mom and pops, it’s soo amazing, everything is homemade and fresh! Unfortunately, we only window shopped today


Most beautiful church in our neck of the woods


And just down the street….the house we grew up in. Just memories now, it was once beautiful!


Happy birthday Calvin!

– Cyndie –


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