Black Friday Haul

It’s been many years, if ever at all that I have taken part in the Black Friday festivities, and let me just say it was fairly successful this year being that I merely tried :-). I was a bit sad that I was a lone wolf, but that certainly didn’t stop me.


My first stop was at Macy’s. I didn’t really splurge, I did try to have a solid agenda in mind and only bought what I “needed”. I’m about two years overdue for a new coat, the picture shown above is a Michael Kors puffer coat, I actually bought it in the color green. And then the pair of boots are from Bear Paw, I’ve been eyeing that boot since it came out earlier this fall and it finally went on sale, the initial price was $119 I believe, and these boots are about five years overdue for me. The pants is from Charter Club and I love it because its a “slimming” tummy slip-on! I bought it in the color black and navy. Lastly, I’ve been shopping around for another eye cream, and the last time I tried anything anti-aging, Lancome came through for me. However, I will have to note that Lancome did not have any sales or specials what-so-ever, very disappointing on Lancome’s part, not even any kind of gift with purchase either. Will definitely do a review on the cream after the new year 🙂


Then I went to The Limited and stocked up on some camis and cross body sweaters. I bought the cami in this color, black, and cream. The sweater is actually very light weight and falls on the body beautifully, I got it in the color blue, black, and orange (the orange was quite beautiful believe it or not)


Then I also stocked up on some jeggings at American Eagle, the only place I get my jeggings and jeans from because they carry petite and the fit is just right. I don’t have any distressed jeans in my closet yet so this definitely was a win, and it was %40 off!


This top is from New York and Company. This top is soo cute and comfortable, perfect for a night out or for work. I picked up this color, red/maroon, and black (of course). It was only $20 I believe


This purchase from Kohl’s was probably the most bang for my buck this weekend. This is a Maiden-form push-up bra and I am so happy I found it. I have the HARDEST time finding any bras, let alone a push up bra, in 38DD and it was just my lucky day. I’ve always thought that being such a big girl I shouldn’t or couldn’t wear push-up bras in fear of creating an even BIGGER illusion of my chest. However, in contrary, the push-up bra merely gives me added volume, it actually gives me the lift that I need. AMEN. I bought 5 of them (in various colors of course) because they were only $8 or so and they’re normally $30!!!!! Can’t beat that!


I did major damage at Charming Charlie. But I definitely have an excuse though, I don’t have a lot of jewelry if any at all really LOL. I’m trying to explore my options! Believe it or not, I don’t own a watch, so I thought it was due time. The watch I bought is similar to the one above, the design is about the same as well as the style ( cuff form) only the color I have is in Rose Gold. I bought a lot more necklaces and earrings but their online site did not carry any examples of the items I bought.


Thanks to Facebook, I also got my hands on this bad boy. I’ve been wanting it for a long time but could never justify the price..until now. After shipping and taxes, it was only a total of $25.00! And, to justify my purchase, I’m throwing away my two old curlers! Win Win


And then my last purchase was this 35N Matte from Morphe. I’ve heard a lot about this company so thought I’d give it a try. A girl can never have enough neutral eyeshadows and palettes LOL. I have an old one from Coastal Scents but was so disappointed with the quality, and I hear nothing but good things about these palettes so we shall see! 🙂

And that is that, most of my Black Friday haul! How did you do for yours?! Last but not least, I hope you all had a memorable Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones!

– Cyndie –



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