My 2016 Erin Condren Life Planner just came in! And yes, once again I waited in anticipation! A lot was still the same, but there were some very noticable changes as well and all will be in my complete honest opinion.


This year I went ahead and “upgraded” to the platinum version, which was why I was so excited. I feel like it looks so much more vibrant and prettier when I see other’s on social media and the EC website. It’s not visible on my horrible quality phone camera but there are a few scratches/dents(?) on parts of the platinum design. Everything else seemed to be intact though.


So here’s a look inside the front cover. It’s changed from last years design. The space on the left side of the book is empty with just the design and they’ve included a pretty translucent page/filter in front of the first page. Its not visible on the picture as well but my translucent page did come with a fold/crumble at the top right corner 😦


Once again, EC has provided a year at a glance view of 2015 and 2016. I wish they would include one for 2017 as well but I suppose that would add more bulk to the planner.


Here you can see I ordered the traditional layout, it just flows better for me. A couple things have changed on this page, some I like and some not so much. First, they took away the headings that separated morning, day and night. That bothered me and I didn’t break down my day that way anyway. They also took away the small little montly calendar of the month on the top left hand corner, it’s now a blank box with just a “thankful thought”. I’m not sure what my feelings are about that because it was nice to have been able to view a quick month at a glance there, but when I didn’t need it, it was also a waste of space as well. But I think moving that calendar is mainly a plus for your typical planner/designer addict. Finally, the one very disappointing change I noticed once I started working on next years plans was the quality of the actual paper. I use the Papermate flare pens (?) and it never bled through the paper on last years version but it does on this new version :-(. So, I’ll have to figure something out because I color code everything in my planner, it does not work any other way. Otherwise, overall I really like the new opportunity for space and emptiness that EC is allowing it’s customers. And…as you can see I’ve already gone in to do my bill reminders for the next 6 months :-).


Now going towards the back of the planner, it comes with bonus stickers as always. I’ve already started using some of the birthday stickers. On last years planner I didn’t use any of EC’s stickers just because I wanted to use my own stash, however…we are in a bit of a transition right now so I am 100% limited. It’ll do for now.


Following the stickers page is the Notes section and “doodle” section (blank white page). I am a bit disappointed that this years version eliminated a lot of these pages, almost by half. I used these pages for making lists and plotting ideas, etc 😦


Then after notes is the double sided folder, which is always handy to have and it still includes the little book for birthdays and important events etc. Because I already have birthdays written down in the actual calendar, I actually use this book for contacts, addresses, accounts and passwords.


Lastly, here is a snap shot of all the “extras” that were included in this package. A couple cards (which I don’t and won’t use), a small sheet of icon stickers, and a sample of a page “insert” I don’t know the right name for it but it comes in handy when you want to insert something additional to your day of the week, invitation, card, reminder note, etc.

And this is pretty much it. Now these planners do range between $50 and up depending on what style, print, additions you want. Is it really worth that much? In all honesty, I don’t think so. But if you can afford it and you like something pretty that allows you enough space in the right size and amount of content then I think it’s a great option. So check it out if you’re interested in all the planner hype! 🙂

Below is a link for 10% off your purchase. Let me know what you think

click here

– Cyndie –



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