Nume Curling Wand Review


So I took the opportunity to grab one of the discounts for Nume on Facebook and purchased myself the 32mm wand. I believe it cost me around $20 if even after taxes and shipping. Usually when I review a product, it begins from the moment I purchase it. The website was fairly easy to use. I ordered it on a Monday and received it by that following Thursday. It came with a heat protectant glove and was packaged very well in a pretty cylinder case.

Physical Feature: it looks just as the picture shows. I ordered the pink one and it came just like that. There’s really not much else to say aside that it looks just like it’s supposed to look. The little attachment piece at the bottom of the curler pivots so that’s a plus to eliminate tangling of the cord.

The Hype: Sadly, I will have to give the Nume wand a 2.5 out of 5 stars. And here are my reasons. The curls do not hold up to the hype and I just don’t think the curls come out very pretty. Because the wand doesn’t have a clamp to bite down on your hair, the piece that you hold on to when wrapping your hair around the wand doesn’t get curled, if that makes any sense. So the majority of the hair piece is curled but when you get to the end it’s straight, so now you have a bunch of curled hair in the middle and a bunch of straight ends–not very pretty. In addition, the curls themselves do not turn out very pretty, its very dependent on how you wrap your hair around the wand. So if you think that you can just easily and quickly wrap your hair around the wand and have it turn out like a regular curling iron, you’re wrong. I feel like you’d have to brush out your hair very well and wrap it around the wand in such a strategic way for your hair to curl and flow together as one piece (make sense?), I don’t know, it just turned out very ugly for me. And of course there is the other issue that I may just not know how to use the wand but either way, shouldn’t it be user friendly, it shouldn’t be that difficult to handle.

With that said, I’m pretty disappointed in my purchase. I’m just glad I didn’t buy the entire kit with the interchangeable wands. Who knows, maybe I’ll get used to it and it’ll eventually get better??? but until then, I think I’ll stick to my old fashion curlers 😦

Let me know if you have one and what you think of yours, or if there’s a technique that you have that can help me!

– Cyndie –


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