Random Rant, Apps, Update

I know it’s the Holiday week but I feel like I’ve been slammed with so many to-do’s, non-holiday related. Finish wrapping up the rest of the presents, setting up interviews, coordinating my son’s school things, setting up insurances, establishing health care, and the list goes on. CRAZY I tell you!

We did a meet and greet with my son’s teacher today, he’s actually going to be attending my old elementary school and believe it or not it’s still the same principal from when I attended and my fourth grade teacher is still there teaching, when I was in her class she was 28 and a newly wed, now her kids are all in college! Yes, I met up with the both of them, it was a wonderful catch up!

I’m (we are) still trying to adjust to life in transition. It’s hard when you’ve been living by yourself for a decade and then move into sharing someone else’s space and oh…that brings me to, we MOVED :-).


It’s hard when I have such a peculiar way of doing things, everything possibly. I’m kind of a busy body with lots of activities and hobbies, to which now I’m limited to nothing because all my supplies are stuck away in storage :-(. I’ve been itching so bad to decorate for the holidays, do crafts, and bake. But I guess at the end of the day it’s okay, I’m kept very busy anyway. We are now officially WI residents! It feels just like home, as I never left…well, kind of :-).

Have I mentioned I miss my husband? Well I do LOL. We live under the same roof but I think we get about 10 minutes of intimate (don’t be dirty) time. He’s been working non-stop, poor guy, 7 days a week, every week! So we’ll have to rekindle that flame sooner than later LOL. He’s been working graciously to provide for us, and I thank him so much for that.

With the move, my body, hormones, skin, EVERYTHING has been crazy up the walls. It’s out of control, my acne mostly, well, I guess my weight as well. Any weight that I lost over the summer/fall I gained back :-(. Very sad. It’s been that difficult to set up a routine, I hope to get back into my funk soon!

And talking about Funk, have you heard of the app Ovia? Well it’s wonderful! If you’re a chart, log, organization junkie like me you will definitely appreciate it, even more so if you’re on the baby making journey or just want to keep your body in sync! It’s basically a “fertility” app, charts your menstrual cycle, ovulation, etc. It’s very user friendly but so thorough at the same time1653789_464332650435971_4596711197329621434_n

Here is a brief snap shot of what the data/chart looks like. It’s so thorough and easy to follow, everything is in one spot right where it needs to be and when you want data for a specific day you just click on it and everything pops up below like shown above. There’s more info than this but it was all I could capture in the shot. Try and see if it’s something that’ll work for you, and if nothing else, it’s free anyway 🙂

So that’s that, all the bits and pieces in between! It hasn’t been the coldest of season but I hope you’re all staying warm. And now, just 2 days till Christmas. Stay humble.

– Cyndie –



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