Re-cap and Ringing in 2016

What can I say about 2015? It certainly brought quick happiness, many tears, losses and gain(s?) and most of all, change, so much of it. Saying that it was a difficult year would be an understatement, it was very heart wrenching . But like everything else in life, we knew our days would keep moving forward so long as we focused and stayed strong together, and indeed we surpassed. All things do happen for a reason, and we continue to keep learning these life lessons.

However, we’ve made lots of change as well this year and being that the new year is approaching, I know that there can only be better and greater and a lot more in store for 2016. I am happy to say that I’ve gotten the chance to finally become a stay-at-home mom, and even though it’s not really on my terms, LOL, it is still a great experience. Nothing beats being able to be with my son all hours of the day and at the same time being able to support and help out my parents.

Even though it was a less than acceptable year, I still managed to uphold some of my 2015 goals. I have eliminated toxic people out of my life and have tried not to associate with them as best and civil-ly(?) possible as I can. All year long I have allowed myself to not do things or participate in things that I didn’t whole heartedly want to do especially having to be around people that don’t understand or appreciate me. I no longer go out of my way for others that wouldn’t think twice or even once about me. And let me say, it has felt GOOD! Very cleansing. And that brings me to a brief moment in my life to address the “unnecessary”. At this point in my life, I have 0 tolerance and no time for haters, strangers and sadly even family. I don’t care what your reason is and I don’t owe you an explanation. Be more concerned about your life and goals and less about mine. And last but not least, please, have a little class, confident women empower one another, not smirk at them or stalk them from afar. It’s quite unfortunate you choose to think you know me and judge me rather than coming in close and making acquaintance, again we’re all grown ups, the choice is yours and the character is yours 😉

Now without further a dues, let’s get on with the cliche New Years resolution list!

1) start another savings

2) pay off 1 CC

3) monthly date with Mama

4) monthly date with Husband

5) do 1 new physical activity with Rowyn every week

6) join a community committee

7) go on a vacation

8) take a free webinar/class/seminar

9) cut down on rice 😦

10) remind myself to appreciate living in the moment regardless of my day

We definitely have a lot in mind for this year, lots of targets to hit so it’s going to be hard work, but at the same time we are also really going to be more unconditional with ourselves and our family this year as well. What are your “cliche” goals? And did you meet last years?

As always, stay warm to all my Midwesterners – we finally got our first snow storm! 🙂

– Cyndie –


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