DIY – At Home Spa

Are you like me and feel you need a pampering every once in a while but those spa prices always seem too steep?! Well don’t cut yourself short; COMPENSATE! Because you definitely deserve it! I started doing at-home spa pampers a little over a year ago and I LOVE IT. You can customize everything to your liking at the comfort of your own home, and it’s so simple to do. I know we all would love a ginormous soaking tub fit for 2, but lets be realistic, we can’t have everything LOL. Trust me, it doesn’t matter where you live or what you don’t have, if you follow my simple steps (or customize it to fit your needs), you can definitely achieve a luxurious level of pampering for yourself next time!

First things first (phobia), you need a clean work space! You can’t pamper yourself and make it feel like a spa if you’re not surrounding yourself in a fresh and clean environment so take this advice and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! I have a HUGE phobia with bathtubs, the thought of the dirty tub floor irks me so I scrub-a-dub-dub. And I have an even deeper phobia for a tub full of chemical clean so in the last 2 years I use my own home made cleaner. A concoction of distilled white vinegar and baking soda, mix it into a little spray bottle and you have a very effective disinfectant. A cleaner that I trust won’t harm my body (or my baby’s)

Now to set the mood, the “ambiance”

I usually strip down to my little red satin VS kimono and prance around to set up. Remember that it’s the environment you create that is important, not what kind of bathroom or tub you have, although having a bathtub would be ideal. I don’t have a luxurious bathroom/tub either, but I made it work for me. I use an array of different scentless candles and one fragrant candle, usually something that has a cologne like smell. I love Mahogany Teakwood from bath and body, AMAZING!  Then I rely on my diversified selection of playlists to really set the mood, usually some meditation music or slow ballads [some Sam Smith ;-)]. Oh and next to the bath tub I’ll set up my tub of Body Shop body scrub and then a small little basket with a couple of washcloths hanging on the edge (preferably something small, wicker, and with a handle for convenience and easy transportation to the laundry??).

Once everything is set I run the water, only on hot (and there’s a method for my madness). Now is when I’ll throw in my every so luxurious LUSH bath bombs. I’m a girly-girl so I normally go for rose petals, and anything pink. While the water is running, the actual pampering begins. I lay everything out on my vanity so that I can move quickly but graciously through my steps, with exfoliation first. I use a body brush and gently brush my entire body from head to toe (minus the face of course). Using small, gentle strokes I brush upwards toward the heart, this provides circulation and blood flow while taking off that superficial layer of dead skin, and the key word is GENTLE. Next, I grab my Lush hair mask and use a generous dollop on my hair from root to end. Once I achieve the depth I want I’ll wrap it up into a messy bun with a hair clip. Then, I put on my face mask. In the winter months, I try to look for a more moisturizing mask. I’ve tried a few brands before, but the latest I’ve tried is the Nugg(?) brand from Target. Now is usually when I call out for my husband to bring me the wine LOL (moscato of course). And then I get to soaking….about 20-30 minutes in (depending on how strong my face mask is) I’ll take one of the wash cloths and damp it with some clean water and pat down my face, then if I feel like it I’ll kind of sink the back of my head (hair) into the water to kind of wash off the hair mask. For the most part, I’m just relaxing and rejoicing in my me-time. Finally, towards the end of my bath I’ll scoop out some of the body scrub and being that it’s the winter months I generally use the cocoa butter cream scrub for the added hydration. And as this is going on, I’ll unplug the drain so that once I’m done, I can start showering. After I’m completely cleansed, I’ll robe back up and start winding down. Immediately, I’ll lotion my body with the Fijian Water Lotus body butter by the Body Shop (amazing), and since (facial) skin care is a whole other mess on it’s own I’m going to leave that out. Finally, I’ll take a couple pumps of the Moroccan Oil and brush it through my long locks, and I know this is getting redundant, but it smells AMAZING lol. And then lets not forget, I’ll top off my glass of wine and crawl into bed, usually anticipating that my husband will join me for a good bootleg movie LOL. Below are pictures of all the things I use

And that’s it! DIY spa at home! It’s so much cheaper than a day spa and you won’t have to leave your home, you can walk around naked in a robe, you can customize everything to your liking, no added worry of customer service, how can you beat that! Oh, and if you’re wondering, no, I do not clean up 🙂 . Sometimes when my husband is feeling extra sweet, he cleans.

So definitely give it a try if you’re feeling brave and deserving of a pampering. I get it, it may sound like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s sooo worth it. And once you’re hooked, you’re gonna want to do it all the time, especially if that means trying out different products! Enjoy!

– Cyndie –



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