What’s In My Bag 2016

Hello there! We are well into January, so to start out the new year and in light of my new, very treasured piece, here is a look at what’s in my bag!


So if you haven’t read my “What just happened” insert, my husband just gifted me this ever so classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. It is so beautiful and has kept up very well to it’s hype. The bag is definitely very sturdy and roomy. So far it’s been perfect, I guess my only complaint would be “extended” use of the bag. Last weekend I went shopping and after two hours or so the straps started digging into my skin and that’s mainly due to how thin/narrow? they are. But otherwise, no other complaints. Oh and it is definitely not a winter bag LOL, it’s so dirty this time of year that I’m constantly worried about brushing it up against the car or dropping it in snow and slush, yuck!


Here’s a top view into the bag. I usually try to have a bottle of water in my bag not only for hydrating reasons (always toting my little boy with me) but especially because my throat gets so dry this time of year.


There’s only one small side pouch inside this bag, so it’s where some of my smallest items go so they won’t get lost in the main shuffle. A pair of Oscar De La Renta shades, earphones, my husband’s prized pen (I didn’t start carrying pens with me until I married my husband, he turned me into a pen germ-phob), and my usb drive.


My handy-dandy toiletry bag where I keep all my “what-if” things LOL. Hand sanitizer, 2 kinds of wet wipes, hand lotion, glass cleaner, eye drops, a lighter (you never know when you’re going to need one, promise I don’t smoke), sunblock, and floss (never know when you’re going to need that either!) Can you tell I’m a germaphob?! I don’t always need these things on the daily, but boy when I do, I don’t know how many times it’s saved me, or someone else 🙂


And of course, can’t leave out my little makeup bag. I don’t normally carry this many things but I just did a makeup look the other day and sholved a couple left over items into the bag. I normally only have an eye liner, mascara, and lip products in here and then I just change them out regularly. And since I’ve just been at home I haven’t really had a use for this pouch in my bag, it’s been more of a nuisance.


My walking-pharmacy bag; my daily meds, my only drug of choice (tylenol, because I’m allergic to pretty much anything else), and then always a pack of benadryl (because I’m pretty much allergic to everything and anything) otherwise not much has changed with this little pouch, I hope to not need to add anymore drugs LOL.

Also in between the shuffle is a ziploc bag of kleenex and bag of citrus halls for this time of year. I’m telling you, I’m prepared for almost everything!

And here is my saucy, red, leather wallet. I love it! I was using my little coach wallet for a long time but it really wasn’t meeting all of my needs. As you all know, I use the “envelope system” to budget so I had to literally put all of my cash in envelopes and they would just get worn and torn, and that REALLY bothered me. So I recently picked this up and specifically for its multi-functional use. It has 13 card slots along with 2 hidden slots behind those first sets of slots and then a zip up pouch for change and then 3 separate compartments for cash and any misc items. So far it’s worked GREAT!


And then lastly, tossed inside somewhere are my glasses, gum, and mitts. I love mittens, they’re so cute, I’ve had these mitts for almost 10 years!

So there you have it, everything in my handbag. It hasn’t changed much from a year ago, and I’m not currently carrying my planner since I’m not working yet; there’s really no reason to haul it around. And I just have to share, when my Mom saw my bag the other day, she took one look at it and said “I hope it’s not real”. OH MOM….LOL

As always stay warm! The weather has been sub-zero lately!

– Cyndie –


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