Current Skin Care Routine

I have been obsessed with skin care recently, especially Korean Skin Care (I developed my first large wrinkle this year). I’ve done a lot of research and read plenty of reviews not just on products and brands but actually educating myself on skin care and the different kinds of ingredients and what it’s good for.

Now this is more so a “winter” routine so don’t be afraid of all the products :-).


I’ve been really loving this cleansing water from Bioderma. I just take a couple pumps onto a cotton pad (I suggest a fairly large pad) and pat it around my face. It’ll take a couple pads especially if you have a full face on but it’ll leave you super clean!


Then, I go in with this Innisfree facial cleanser. It’s pretty gentle and is suppose to have whitening/smoothening effects. I squeeze a little less than a dime size amount onto my hands and then rub it together to create a foam then massage it into my face. It smells very citrus-cy…so clean!


Depending on my mood and how much time I have, I try to incorporate an exfoliant into my routine. I alternate between this and my clarisonic mia (used with the Innisfree cleanser). It’s just a personal preference, I know some people strongly believe you shouldn’t exfoliate everyday but this is something that works for me. Because my skin is so dry I want to take off all of that dead and peel-ly skin. this is the Black Sugar scrub by Skin Food, what can I say…it’s amazing!


Next I’ll move to this toner by TonyMoly, again it claims to have whitening effects. It has such a beautiful(?) smell, I just can’t describe it. I use 1 cotton pad for my entire face, dab a couple drops onto one half of the pad, pat one side of my face and then repeat with the other side.


Now to one of my favorite part/things. The Missha essence. Without making it too long, an essence is basically a mesh between a toner and a serum, it works by allowing the preceding creams and serums to soak into the skin better while at the same time adding a potent amount of richness into your skin which is where the “serum” like part comes in, a toner just brings the ph level back to normal in your skin but an essence takes it a little further than that. I love2 the way my skin feels afterwards!


Following essence is serum. I put about 5 drops into the palms of my hands and make a gentle lather, then I slowly and gently press it onto all areas of my face, especially my forehead…because that’s where my 1 wrinkle is 😦


Then I move on to my eye cream. This is the “Wrinkle filler” eye cream by Hanyul. I scoop a pea size amount of product onto the tops of my hand with the little hygiene scoop it comes with and then using my ring fingers I’ll dab the product all around the orbital of my eye focusing mainly on the under eye area.



And finally, the last step. With all the potent products I’ve been using thus far, I’ve decided to stick to a simple moisturizer, my Cerave moisturizer. The container was still half full so I didn’t feel the need to purchase another moisturizer so soon, I wanted to finish it first and it’s not breaking me out so it’s okay. As strong as this moisturizer is, it couldn’t handle the amount of dryness my skin was going through. But it seems like it’s been working very well along with the new products. Now, again, depending on the kind of time I have I like to alternate between a cream and a sheet mask. I’m currently loving this moisturizing sheet mask by Banila Co. I just rip open the package and inside are two sheets, a sheet for the area below your nose and another sheet for the area above, 20 minutes is about how long I leave it on. The mask gives an extra boost to the serum before and it leaves me skin feeling so cool and refreshed, and after everything has sunk in my skin feels baby soft…I try my best to keep my hands off LOL

I know this may be a bit much for some people or anyone new to skin care, but because I know it’s all going towards a very good cause I try my very best to make time for it. You just have to keep reminding yourself that once your skin goes bad, its really hard to undo the damage, so always think “preventative”! I have honestly been loving these products so much (reviews coming soon) I’m trying to refrain myself from obsessively researching and looking for more products to add to my stash.

As always—-thanks for reading! Good night friends!

– Cyndie –





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