Valentines Date Ideas

It’s that time of year again, yes, the one day out of the year to celebrate our love for our significant other right…(as we should be everyday anyway). I know some people may have a tradition every year, but if you’re anything like us and things change all the time for you, especially concerning budget, here are some great tips and ideas for your budget friendly night this year. Because after all, it’s not just about 5 star dining and hotel reservations


1). When we think date, we think dinner (mostly) right? So always remember that you can do it yourself. That way, it’s going to be all of the things YOU want to eat and you won’t have to pay for anything you don’t want/need or for service. And as a bonus, you can also dress how you want—tip, don’t do the dishes (there’s tomorrow)

2). Give each other the SPA treatment. His and hers things. What really worked well for us both are MASSAGES. Dim down the lights, burn some candles, get some oil..And hey, what a way to gently break the ice to get frisky! LOL (just being honest here!)

3). Order in and redbox/netflix. I don’t know how many times we’ve used this option over the years

4). (ties in w/#1) cook together – make his and her’s dishes

5). (ties in w/#1) DANCE — put a playlist together before hand and just dance the night away

6). Wine under the stars — this may be a little hard for all my northerner’s and midwesterner’s. Most years it’s still very cold here during Valentines Day, but we’ve been fortunate the last couple of years. Our house had vaulted ceilings and very big windows up on top so we just turn off all the lights, pop open a bottle of wine and embrace the night away

7). Cruise — go cruising! Sometimes that’s one of the best ways to spot hidden gems in your city/town. And if you already know a couple of hidden gems, what a better way than to look at the city at night

8). Bonfire — and cozy up (bonus for midwesterners, given that the weather permits). Our first home had a fire pit in our back yard and I just cleared out the pit and put in some fresh wood. Marshmallows, hot dogs, steak, kabobs, a nice big blanket, and enough love to go around

9). Game-it! There’s been years where Koby and I have just spent the night laughing away playing card games, crossword puzzles, trivia

10). Go back in time — one year we went through our photo albums, as surprising as it sounds sometimes we forget about the old photos we have and there are usually stories that come with. Koby loves sharing about his Scout days

So there you have it, budget friendly dates for Valentines. And you can probably tell that most of these ideas all share the same kind of theme, because rather than focusing on what money can buy and what you can do with money on Valentines day, concentrate on rekindling, reconnecting and communicating. After all, these are the most precious things we take for granted each day


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