Korean Skin Care Unboxing!

I received my small, but sweet overdue package in the mail today! I was fairly disappointed that it took the full 2 wks and more to arrive this time. I placed my order back on 2/11 and just received it today šŸ˜¦ . My first purchase took about a week and 1 day if I remember correct. However, I am still excited — so here goes


It’s like any other purchase, comes in your standard brown box filled will bubble wrap. Sadly this time it only came with 4 samples and the packaging wasn’t that secured. My first order came with a ton of little foam peanuts and bubble wrap. Anyway, nothing was harmed and all the items and individual boxes were in great shape.


I’m continuing to branch out and trying another facial cleanser, this one by Ciracle targetsĀ deep, clogged pores. I have huge pores so I am always looking for more products to fight that problem area. And an added bonus is the pure vitamin C!


It’s Skin is new to me, I haven’t tried any of their products nor have I read reviews, but I actually don’t really go by reviews anymore, if a product is appealing to me in more ways than one, a review won’t make a difference. And **always keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different so what works/doesn’t work on someone won’t necessarily have the same effect on you**. However, Rose water (floral products really) is actually very good for your skin, it’s very delicate and gentle, almost giving off a “healing” effect. So anytime I can incorporate that into my skin, I’ll take it


This is the holy grail, if you don’t already know about this product, look it up, YouTube it, it is always SOLD out. It’s an amazing, amazing product and I can’t wait to see if it’ll live up to the hype


Finally, the last product I picked up is a cream by Hera, part of their White Program series. Obviously the name says it all, I’m all about brightening and evening my skin tone because I have so much acne scarring. I’m very excited to try this product since a lot of Korean celebrities swear by this brand, it’s targeted for women my age, 30+

So as you can see I didn’t purchase any sheets and masks this time since I still have a lot left over from my previous purchase. I cannot say enough what a difference Korean products have made in my skin care regimen, I’m so happy when I see my bare skin (for the most part). Stay tuned as I will be doing an in depth review on my first purchases and a before and after of my skin šŸ™‚ .

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday, and a stress free rest of the week!

– Cyndie –



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