Cacique Review


I am always on a continuous search for the PERFECT bra. I guess when you’re a BIG girl like me, many things are complicated, including boobs and bras. I am a 40DD…..yeassss, DD. So, no, bigger isn’t always better. I can’t imagine why some women go to the extent of going under the knife just to turn right back around and endure all of these unnecessary nuances. Anyway, on to the topic, Bras. I’ve always known about Lane Bryant, and I’ve heard about how fitting the store is to full sized women, but for one reason or another I just never made it into the store, until this weekend. I did not intend on going into the store to get anything, let alone bras, but they stood out, the designs and colors anyway. I picked up a few in an array of styles and colors and headed into the changing room. To my amazement, each one that I put on fit perfectly. It had the right coverage, the right cup-page (if that’s a word), the right LIFT! Honest, I have never seen such beautiful cleavage on me! I went with the “Plunge” bra and the “Lace NW” bra in case you’re interested.

The Plunge Bra comes in a couple of colors and various designs, all very sexy (shown above). The straps are thin, probably the typical sized straps as on any other bra and I would probably guess that the band is the same width as any other plus size bra and it has an underwire, however, I haven’t found it bothersome. There is a little bit of cushion inside of the bra that aids in the “lifting” effect that is AHMAZING. I have a couple of plus size “push-up/lift” bras already in my closet but it’s nothing compared to what this bra can do, I mean this bra really emphasizes the cleavage, and it’s almost brutal the way it squeezes your breasts/ladies together. It is definitely gorgeous but as my husband stated “not your every day, audience friendly bra” LOL, best for those LBD nights. This will cost you anywhere between $42.50 ~ $52, so it is definitely getting on the investment range.

The “Lace NW” bra is as good as plus size can get as far as comfort, coverage, and lift. Don’t mistaken the name for an ugly bra, it’s very well made (as I believe all their bras are??), and comes in a selection of beautiful colors and designs. The straps are nice and wide to avoid digging into the skin (awesome!) and also to help hold down the weight of your breast. The band is also very wide, eliminating back fat, that was a big seller for me. Inside the cups there’s a protrusion like feature built into the bra that allows your breast to sit in, and that’s what gives the “lift” it definitely makes your breasts look perky, a good thing right?? In addition, as the names says, it has no wires! So that’s another plus! The “Lace NW” bra will cost you anywhere from $32 – $46.

I know the price can be a little off putting for some of you that do not do too much investing in this area but I think the bras measure up to the price. The bras do come in smaller sizes as well, not just plus. I believe the smallest they carry is a C cup, but I could be wrong. So if you’re in the market, definitely take a look at the Cacique line from Lane Bryant, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂

– Cyndie –


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