Father’s Day BBQ – BTS

Happy Father’s Day — I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful day with the wonderful men in your life. We happened to celebrate this wonderful event yesterday with our dear ones and I thought it would be nice to let you see how I planned this event on a time and budget constraint.

I had less then 2 weeks to put this all together and I wasn’t too concerned because I already knew the layout of our club room and knew that it didn’t need much touching up to do. And also because it was Father’s day, it was easier to be budget friendly since most masculine themes are more toned down and less bling. First I started with my menu, a burger bar. Since we’re currently living in transition, I was very limited with serve wear and entertainment pieces so that was the first inspiration to my very minimal and rustic theme. I applied the concept of cheese and charcuterie platters to my burger condiments.


So instead of a large wood block, I switched it out for butcher’s paper. I searched far and wide, best as I could for brown butcher’s paper, but no luck, so I settled for white. It bothered me just a bit, but it had to do. I cut off a piece large enough to hold all my condiments and then used a black marker to label each thing. This was especially important for the cheese since I had an assortment. This was not only budget friendly, but efficient, no extra dishware, no washing, easy clean-up. $2-3

Next, decor — the club room itself is very beautiful with round wood tables and chairs so I knew that it wouldn’t take much to decorate with. Flowers, always need flowers. A couple weeks back I was in the process of making some cooking sauce and bought a box of mason jars. They were the perfect vessel!  Because I needed the simplicity to flow, the centerpieces and flowers had to also be minimal and Baby’s Breath was the perfect option. Cheap, always in stock and provides such a subtle touch of beauty. Getting them however, was another story on it’s own. Apparently, every shop in town was sold out!!! Luckily, I found a cute little hole in the wall floral shop that had just enough. Now for the added rustic look, twine always does the magic. I tried wrapping the jars with just a couple rounds of the twine but it just didn’t give me the right amount of flare. Burlap would have been nice but of course I didn’t have any on hand and was not willing to spend $$$ for a one time use. Paper bags — perfection. I cut up a couple strips, taped it onto the jars, wrapped the twine around, made some knots and bows and it was a beauty!


I placed two jars on the main entry way table and then one on each of the dining tables. It worked out so well, and made the theme come together in the most simplest and subtle way. Flowers ~ 24, paper bag ~ free, twine ~ $2, mason jars ~ free

Finally, the last piece I brought in was of course my vintage chalkboard. I love this thing; such a beauty. I just did a simple Father’s Day header, included a thanks for my guests, rules and reminders, and the wifi information (hence the blockage)


Chalkboard ~ free, chalk ink ~ free

So yes, entertaining doesn’t have to be expensive, or a lot of work at all. It’s what you want it to be. We had such a fabulous time. It was so good to be in the company of amazing family, it’s been so long. We partied and socialized till sun down and filled our tummies endlessly.




I love entertaining, whether big or small, simple or extravagant. I love that people love it and appreciate it, and that makes me feel so good. I love you family, thank you all for showering this day with your love and presence. Thanks to my wonderful husband that took on the very hot (literally) duty of grilling; you are my ROCK.

– Cyndie –




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