Updates, recaps & plans

Hello friends, it’s been such a long time, it usually is isn’t it? Lots of things have been happening in my neck of the woods and I’ve been insanely busy trying to adjust to our new life (I know, I keep saying that) but I promise it’ll stop being new at some point.

A quick recap, we finally went on vacation! Believe it or not, it was technically our very first big vacation since we’ve been married. And I wouldn’t really consider it a late honey moon or even a late baby moon LOL. It was actually a gift for my parents.


(Westin Marina Hotel in Key West, waiting to board our ferry)

My very hard working parents. They retired this year, so we thought what better way to celebrate then an early vacation gift. I think a lot of people thought we were crazy going to Florida in the heat of the summer but we had our reasons. My parents are miniature globe trotters so they’ve kind of been all over the US. And although they’ve been to Florida before, they had never been to the Keys. Specifically, I knew that they really wanted to see tropical fruit farms so this was the only time that small window of opportunity into the season was available. We took a risk going this time of year, but it was so worth it fighting the heat and mosquitos to see the smiles on their faces and twinkle in their eyes day after day. We went from Miami all the way to Key West, to Delray Beach, to Homestead back to Coral Gables (beautiful little city), and we enjoyed every bit of it. They definitely deserved to be treated like royalty, they’ve worked so hard and done so well in life.

And talk about being busy, did I mention I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom for some time now? Yes, that also happened! Things have been so challenging having my husband gone 95% of the time and juggling living in transition and getting Rowyn situated with school. We figured it was best that I hold back for the summer and just focus on sorting out this stage of our life at this point. So, baby boy and I have been spending an amazing (but busy) summer together; helping out grandma and grandpa and seeing cousins everyday, going to the library, blue printing our new home, prepping for Kindergarten, and enjoying our little river front board walk.

And for the most exciting update……if you missed it, we are finally moving into our new home! After waiting almost a year. The build is complete, we did our last walk through last month (haven’t seen it since), and we’re getting the keys next Thursday! *clap hands*. It’s not your extravagant gem but it’ll be brand spanking new and just right for us. It’s just the perfect time especially with Fall around the corner, I absolutely cannot wait to start decorating, feel the autumn air, hear all the kids rushing back to school, see all the colors of the leaves, and enjoy all the festivities. Oh what a glorious time. Can you just imagine?!


With the move and new house, I’ve been contemplating doing vlogs to capture the transition and piecing together of our new home/life (perhaps a decorating series) especially now since I’m not working. But, we shall see, so stay tuned!

Till next time 😉

– Cyndie –



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