Adjusting to Life in Lax, Rowyn, More Babies etc…

Life in La Crosse has been a blur, that’s what it’s really summed up to. I can’t believe it will be a year already coming up shortly. Unfortunately, I thought it was going to be a lot easier to adjust to life here, especially with the majority of my family close by. But, I was wrong. We’re still adjusting, and some days are definitely harder than others and we still get home sick from time to time. The negative? Well, the hypest thing around here is the local Walmart LOL. Not very many available activities for free or for fee. The options are very minimal, such as the grocery stores (no specialty shops really), the department stores (TJ Max and home goods share 1 space), the restaurants, dentists, doctors and the list goes on. It’s really hard to escape and do a night on the town, especially if you’re not about that bar hopping life down town. We miss MN dearly, dearly. Some days we even wanna pack up and move back.

The one thing that we’ve had to experience first hand for at least half a year is schooling and special needs care for Rowyn. How disappointing. And I grew up here?! I can’t remember if things have always been that way and I just never paid attention, or if things have definitely changed…and for the worse. Rowyn’s transition from the cities to the La Crosse School District was a complete NIGHTMARE between Oct and late Nov.  They refused to get the paper work from the cities, so I asked the former school to fax documents down TWICE, and when that didn’t work, I had to contact Rowyn’s former teacher and she then had to contact LSD personally to figure things out. And even when Rowyn started school in January, things still didn’t go as I wished it would have. Maybe I expect too much? But if his old school/teachers were able to give us that kind of excellence and service, why would it be asking for too much from the new school? Doesn’t make sense right! And again, we had a bitter experience this morning too with the Onalaska School District. I’m utterly disappointed and find it unacceptable when as a parent I entrust in the school system to oversee my child for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Want more disappointments? How about the housing market and rates in this small, quaint city. The living expense is about the same as the big city, yet the pay isn’t nearly up to par. Figuratively speaking, we are paying almost the same in our new home as we did in our old home in MN, and for a position exactly as my old one, $4.00 less, starting.

However, on the more positive side I haven’t missed a moment with my family, my parents especially. I couldn’t be any more thankful that I can be here for them in every way possible, making up for so many lost years. I have seen so much stress taken off their shoulders, and so much happiness in their eyes. Which reminds me every day of my husband’s longing for home. I know he’s homesick. He misses his family, we miss the family.

But stress? I think there will be stress no matter what we do in life and no matter where we go, but it’s been fairly good stress. Mostly just your mundane complaints, nothing health altering or self esteem blowing, something I don’t miss about the old city and the old life. I haven’t had the stress of people judging me, excluding me, and making me second guess my worth in their society. People appreciate our presence here, and accept our absence when we are unable to follow through. People know us by name, both him and me, my husband is valued and given a chance to participate in what big or small, my son has friends and cousins and he is invited to functions; he’s not lonely. And we’ve never been a part of this town, is what’s ironic. Things have been said to me that I will not repeat, but I am a grown woman and a mother. I’m no longer a frail 15yr old, I don’t need anyone’s acceptance or ignorance. Frankly, I respect you only as much as you respect me and I don’t go out of my way to buy acceptance just to feel at home or belong. It’s been nice that for almost a year now I haven’t heard the phrases “Who are you? You don’t know us/We don’t know you because you never come out to family functions. Why didn’t you come to the last function?” I believe that respect starts with the men in every family. So you see, our move, as hard as it was, was meant to be. We are young, we still need lots of help and support from our peers, and we’re still growing. So when you’re indirectly and directly excluded, or just skipped? Well, your outcome for help is pretty much zero to none.  Then again, maybe it’s just me expecting too much as always, perhaps I grew up differently. And of course, not everyone is bad, it’s just the few people that ruin it for everyone else. Swallowing our pride has been a blessing in disguise, one that I try very hard not to take advantage of or get too attached too because as the saying goes, “only the fish needs the river, the river will continue on without the fish”. But with that said, let’s not get worked up, it is what it is. My husband has a big heart; what I love most about him.

And on to more important things, progress, Rowyn. Life seems to move so fast and so slow here. I’ve been so blessed to be able to finally sit down and watch my doting little boy grow and meet milestones. He speaks in full sentences now, he’s affectionate, he has personality, and all his motor functions and physical growth has climbed ever so positively. Interacting with his cousins day in and day out has definitely made an impact on his overall growth, some days are hard because they fight so much and he isn’t quite up to their level on certain things, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t be more happier. They have helped him grow in more ways than one, and he loves them dearly. It just melts my heart to see the little twinkle in his eyes when he is with them and when he talks about them. Which brings me to…having more children :-). We would love to have more children, we want more children, and it’s the perfect time for such an occasion. I’ve been so fortunate that my husband has a fairly nice and steady income, I’ve been able to stay home with Rowyn and my parents are now free to help us grow in more ways than one, so it would be the best opportunity to have another child. I’ve been contemplating again about pursuing my masters as well. Oh so many things. Perhaps, just perhaps 🙂

But first, lets finish moving. God if I’ve ever hated anything so much before LOL. I will be woosahing until the end of the week, then hopefully smooth sailing :-). And maybe, just maybe, VLOGS.

Thanks for reading and stay out of that heat wave!


– Cyndie –


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