The Move, Complications, Decor, Feelings


The hard part is finally over. Tomorrow marks exactly 1 week that we’ve been in our new home. As hard and complicated and dysfunctional as the entire process was, I couldn’t be any happier to be living in a permanent place, one I can call home, at least for a while.  We lived at our apartment for roughly 4 months and as hard as we tried, we still ended up hoarding so much stuff LOL. I think it was worse moving things out of that place than the storage, where most of our belongings have been held up for almost a year. Nonetheless, it’s done, now we just have the near year to look forward to.

I’ve been so exhausted working sun up till sun down to sort all of our things. With my husband working 24/7, it’s made it difficult, but I’ve managed and have done things one at a time, slowly moving boxes and items into all the rooms they need to go into. What’s most disappointing is that the house was not move in ready 😦 . When they handed us the keys, we were so excited and was anticipated a clean, bright and airy house to walk into. Instead, when we arrived the construction guys were still here, “patching” things up, one of our closet was unfinished, almost like they just “forgot” about it. There was sawdust every where along with carpet shred, and dirty foot prints all over the floor ugh! That was a frightful sight! Even now, the construction crew is still here and looks like they’ll be here for awhile as the landscaping’s not done yet, nor is the gable on our front entrance. It is what it is, I can’t imagine if this was our diligently planned custom built forever home! No way would this stuff slide!

Currently, everything is pretty much situated, just all the minor details. Hrm..and I forgot to mention that we lost half of our sectional! Yes. It developed mold in storage and thank god it is a detachable 7 piece so 4 of the pieces were untouched and we were able to salvage it. My husband had a hard time parting, but SAFETY first. There was no way any kind of cleaning would have given us/me piece of mind. So–that’s my first issue. I had my entire living room pretty much planned out LOL, so now, I’m not quite sure what my plan B is. However, my first priority is setting up our dining situation. After going back and forth, we’ve decided we’re not going to be putting up our dining table. Our kitchen has a fairly large island, so we’re going simple this time and will be utilizing that as both an island and dining space. And…my next problem is furnishing that space. I’ve been shopping for bar/counter stools all week and am torn;


My floors are dark, my cabinets are light-medium wood, and my island is right in between light and dark. However, my sectional is beige/tan and my entertainment set is a med-dark cherry. I really want to keep a neutral look throughout and want very clean lines. I’m super in-love with all the upholstered stools but there’s so many things to consider, fabric is very hard to maintain especially with kids being in the home (sometimes even adults). I don’t really want to be the evil-nit-picking-witch either. Price point is also another factor. We’re going to need to purchase 4-5 and I really do not want to be spending 5-800 on just bar stools that we couldn’t really use anywhere else. I need something elegant yet kid friendly and is easy to maintain LOL, is that too much to ask. Faux leather would be the best option, but I didn’t find any that I liked 😦  Help? Ideas? I’m short on time, the boys expect delivery in 1-2weeks at the latest because they’re sick of standing up to eat. ~sighs~

Maybe it’s the house, or just the feeling of finally living out of transition. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve felt this know, high school love 🙂 ~blush~ . I’m in a good place right now, it’s never felt so right, or perhaps it’s typical when you never get to see your significant other.

Lastly, can I just mention again that Fall is around the corner??! LOL. Been making my rounds to Home Goods, not too much out yet, but I got my eyes on a couple things so far. K—-I lied, I made a huge candle purchase already:-)

– Cyndie –


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