Friday, More Decor, Dieting,


1 whole egg, 1 egg white omelette with a bit of ginger zest and baby spinach. Mango. Whole wheat toast with raspberry preserves and almond butter. Low cal V8

Happy Friday! Always start off your day with a full balanced meal, even Rowyn enjoys the spinach eggs.

Woke up feeling pregnant this morning (no, I’m not pregnant), so I quickly made my mango-passion tea and enjoyed it in front of my pseudo-french doors in my non-VS robe gazing out at the construction workers. Yeah – those guys still are not done patching things up around here. They were continuing to put up the fences this morning, hopefully they pull the fence all the way around our side of the house. Back to food, I’ve been getting pretty creative lately. Decided to go back on my fish and chicken diet and I’m all fished out. I did try a tum yum fish version yesterday and it was pretty bomb (although I doubt it was anything close to tum yum). You have no idea how frustrating and what a nuisance it is to cook separate meals, and separate RICE. My husband will only eat white jasmine rice, and I try to only eat parbroiled rice, and he won’t eat fish period and will only do seldom chicken dishes 😦 . My life as a wife and Mom; life in the kitchen, literally.


After breakfast and tidying up the place met up with my sister and niece for some much needed bonding time. Took a light stroll through downtown and old neighborhoods and stopped at a cute little cafe for lunch. Definitely need to make this a usual occurrence!

Well back home and back to the grind, I’ve started to hate staring at all the misc items stacked and lying around my house from top to bottom. The only thing that seems to look like home for the moment is my island, always minimal and clear of clutter, well..that and my living room. A huge part of the problem is that I still don’t know how I want to organize my kitchen goods and gadgets. I have more than enough cabinet space, I found out, I just don’t know what I want to do with it. Plus, I’m at a height disadvantage and it’s very ANNOYING, even with chairs I still can’t reach the top shelves!


My entryway. That’s Minka on the right. Isn’t she gorgeous?! I haven’t seen her in about a year and just got her back from my Aunt who had been babysitting her. She is a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, if pampered well these plants can grow up to ceiling height; very lushous and beautiful. The picture is horrible and doesn’t do her any justice but she’s still in her original bucket that I purchased her in because I haven’t been able to decide what kind of pot I want her in. White is definitely on my mind but haven’t found one that sanks my heart. Anyway, every now and then when I can, I like to incorporate Fei Shui into my life so I thought the entryway would be the perfect place for a large leafy green plant to bring in positive energy and wealth. Next on the to-do list for this area is a rug runner? Runner rug? lol. Anyway, I want to find something pretty but workable, I don’t want people to be afraid of stepping on it and with the midwest winters, I would need something very durable as well. And I’m not even going to talk about the rest of the walk way yet or the walls, I need tables, mirrors and decor. In due time.


Can you tell how not colorful I am 🙂

How about success and a round of applause for my self, I finally got this area in my life sorted out. I know it doesn’t look like much, but that’s because the earrings and rings and statement pieces are not pictured, not that that would add too much for some people but it’s a lot for me LOL, someone who doesn’t wear jewelry too often. The gold necklace in front there is one of my favorite pieces but it’s broken 😦 . Hubby still has to try and salvage it for me. The tall piece I bought from Home Goods and the black stand I bought from The Container Store (LOVE3). But this is a simple set up for now and they’re just sitting on top of my bare drawer/vanity in my bedroom.

Koby and I are finding out the hard way that in the heat of moving and packing, we threw out A LOT of things, things we are currently looking for. LOL. Oh the joy continues 🙂

Thanks for reading. Stay cozy, I hear a cold front is coming through

– Cyndie –



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