9 Years – Thank you


Hilton Wedding Reception – 2008

Cannot believe that it has already been 9 years, it feels just like yesterday that we were still running wild, holding hands, and having butterflies; high school love. 10 years ago, I would’ve never believed it if someone told me that we’d be here now. I really have to give much thanks to fate, that of all the places we could have been in the world, of all the people we could have been with, we ended up in the same place together on that very cold and snowy December night so long ago.

It’s been such an amazing ride. Looking back, we were so  young; so dumb even at times. We had so much to learn about ourselves and about one another. We taught each other how beautiful marriage could really be if we didn’t give up. Together through our heartaches we were able to find an undying love, for each other and for hope. And it really wasn’t until then that I fully understood what marriage vows meant. You stood the testament of those promises to which you fulfilled; for better or for worse. You never left my side and you never reopened the wounds that someone else left behind. You definitely taught me that love didn’t have to be a game, that there is no shade of gray, just black and white; all or nothing. Most of all, you always keep me grounded.


Graduation – 2013

Everything I have in my life, in our life that we can call our own, my success and career, I give thanks to you. Don’t ever think that your love and support has gone unnoticed and unappreciated. For so many years you patiently and graciously put me through school, without a single complaint, without asking for a single thing in return. You’ve worked undeniably hard and still do. I complain, to that I admit, about all the mundane things in our life, but in all honesty I know I’ve had it good, after all these years I definitely know what it means to be put on a pedestal. Everything that I have ever wanted, you’ve given to me within your means. Sometimes I swear that your sole purpose in life is to wake up make me happy ;-), yes to everything and anything. But the greatest love you’ve given me? The freedom to love my family, my parents wholeheartedly. I couldn’t thank you enough in this life time or the next for your genuine and sincere heart, and some may choose to never see that but you are an amazing husband and quite frankly an amazing human being, your parents should be proud of the man you’ve come to be.

Finally, thank you again and as always for your never ending support; for believing in me and always reminding me to never settle for less than I’m worth. For talking me through some of my darkest days, and for lifting me up when I completely lost my faith. I’m so glad that I took that leap with you, because now the best is yet to come. Our dreams are finally coming true. I’m so excited to see what this new adventure brings and what is in store for us.

And now, let the celebrations begin. And although this is a bitter sweet month for us, I carry the sadness on my sleeves and happiness in my heart. Where there is LOVE, there is HOPE. 9 years have been nothing short of amazing. I’d do it over a thousand times and I’d never change fate, the one thing that brought me to you. I am truly blessed to have you as mine and I am so honored to be your wife. Happy anniversary – I love you, I love us, marriage never looked so beautiful.


Minnehaha Falls – 2006


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