A Late Merry Christmas

I know I’m late as usual but I still want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! We had a very low key Christmas this year, and I mean LOW KEY, as in we lounged around in our PJ’s all day. I think it was much needed though. I had such high hopes for this holiday and once again I blew it; barely splurged on any gifts, did not complete my festive decor around the house, did not accomplish pictures or Christmas cards either. But, I figure I’ll share the little that I do have and did succeed in doing. Enjoy!


Our homey front door. Although it’s not entirely what I wanted, it’s still cute, and it works. The little crate to the left, I picked up at Walmart and it’s probably something I’ll use seasonally. I actually placed pumpkins in it this fall along with some golden mums and it was absolutely darling. For the holidays I really wanted to create a rustic look with christmas picks and lights along with some white birch logs but I wasn’t able to find any locally 😦 . The wreath….probably the most disappointing of all my decor. It was definitely last minute and no matter how many times I tried to adjust all the pieces; well, it is what it is. Better luck next year I guess. Now, let’s go inside 🙂


Here are 2 different shots of our foyer/entryway, if one would even call it that 😉 . It’s probably one of my favorite looks. However, it didn’t start out this way. I couldn’t decide on how to decorate it. My holiday theme has always been white so I wanted everything to look WHITE. Sadly, there’s not a lot of white themed things at any of our local stores, but I scraped up a couple of things and I think it went well together. The lantern is a staple piece that I always have on my table, I just change out the “inside” decor seasonally. Both the lantern and birchwood candles are from Home Goods. And then the 2 little glowing christmas trees I also purchased from Home Goods as well. Originally I thought they were going to look good up on my TV stand but our large TV pretty much took over. I was going to return them and placed them temporarily on this table to return and then realized it looked pretty good. LOL. So I just kept it there. But…that still didn’t mesh the entire scene together so I added 3 white pillar candles in between. And when that still didn’t contend to my hearts desire I placed 2 tapered candles in back to create more height. As you can tell, we made good use of the candles, they are not just for display ;-P  .  Lastly, I needed one more piece to balance out the lantern on the opposite side. I found a white christmas tree with a ceramic base, almost like a plant pot, but it still didn’t look right. So, I caved into my “all white” rule and pictures of this dusty cranberry tree from Michaels. It’s so pretty, and even though it’s not as white as I would like, it wrapped up the entire look. If you’re curious, the decorative mirror is also from Home Goods.


So this is what I have on my TV stand. I ended up buying 2 white christmas tree candles. They are unscented and were just perfect for the look, however, as I mentioned earlier, our TV is pretty big so to counter that I placed the candles on 2 of my bejewled candle holders. Isn’t it pretty?!  It worked so well together.


Last but not least, our Christmas tree! Believe me, I did a whole lot of rearranging and moving around to get this tree into our cozy little living room. Placing it in front of our pseudo french doors was the perfect spot! Credits all to myself for the manpower! This tree is actually pretty old and I bought it from a nice elderly couple off of craigslist a while back, it’s a 7.5ft and very full and very well maintained; perfect for the price. The tree has 300 string lights on it and all of the ornaments are WHITE of course. All of the ornaments are from either Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The tree itself is green but I tried my best to flock it with some pretty picks from Michaels, I have to say it turned out very nice. Each year I continue to add new things to the tree so it keeps growing!


My sweet pea, gazing at all his gifts every night 🙂 

And there you have it, our mini holiday home tour. Hopefully, next year I’ll be better prepared and have the entire house decked out! Once again, I wish you and your family nothing but lots of love during this special time of year, and as always, stay warm! Now, let the count down begin!

– Cyndie –


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