New Years


Credits: Lovely Little Style

I know, it’s that cliche time of year. We’re all making our resolutions and goals for the new year, or perhaps, renewing them 😉 .  So just like the rest of America, here I am, sharing mine with you. But first, a recap of 2016.

A lot of this year was really spent focusing on adjusting to our new life here in Wisconsin; financially, psychologically, physically, emotionally. I don’t think we really knew the challenges and success we were going to face. Through all of the changes we spent a lot of time a part (not in a bad way), my husband working nights and 24/7, and me focusing on taking care of my parents and finding my career. In the midst of all of this, I unfortunately continued down the wrong path to my health. However, we went on our first family vacation. It was everything that I thought it would be and such great memories for my son, he absolutely loved it and asks for airplane rides and hotels and pools all the time now. Our town home finally finished construction and we moved in in August. It’s nothing amazing, but we are very much enjoying how new it is and how cute and cozy we’ve made it. So – settling in have now been officially checked off for 2016. Moving forward!

Healthy life style change

I know – I know. But I’m positive that I have a fool proof plan. I’m not defining any kind of numbers of any sort but I’m incorporating a different action plan this year. I’ve been contemplating back and forth on whether I was really going to do this or not, and….I’M DOING THIS. I’m going to capture my journey and bring you along for the ride. So stay tuned! It’s the only way to really hold myself accountable? If that makes any sense. I feel like if I put myself out there and people are anticipating to see results, or that I fail LOL, I’d be more motivated to succeed and fear to fail. I’m not quite sure about the format at this point but I’d like to really incorporate this into both vlogs and blogs.

New addition to the family

🙂  No, probably not a baby. But thank you for thinking that! We are in desperate need of a new CAR. So it is our goal this year to make that happen. It’ll probably be your typical asian import car, but, I’m not fussy at all about what we get. I’m not that person. Anything will work for me so long as it’s automatic! We have been sharing our SUV for the longest time and as you can imagine, it can be quite inefficient sometimes not to mention heavy on the gas and mileage. Thank god we live close to my parents and they have an array of cars for us to borrow from!

Learn a new skill

I love learning new things, and aspiring to do so much. For a long time I’ve always wanted to take crafting and baking classes and exploring floristry. I also want to sharpen my photography skills and to strengthen my photo editing skills as well. And don’t get me started on learning tax laws and investment strategies. There’s so much to do and so little time. With all that’s in store already for this year, I will probably enjoy doing something more simple and carefree.

Blog content

Can you tell that I love writing? Sharing? Teaching? If I could blog full time I would, it may just be my happy place; my perfect job. I think it’s because I’m such a passionate and expressive person, and yes, perhaps very opinionated. I have so much content that I want to write about but due to the many priorities in my life, blogging is definitely brushed aside. However, I really want to put out more content this year, at the very least, once a week and maybe even do series. Who knows! We shall see!

That pretty much wraps it up. Not a lot of very small goals this year as in past years, but very dense and long term projects is how I would put it. I think I’m pretty satisfied with the other parts of my life right now, and so these are some of the key areas that I want to focus special attention to in the coming months. And I think I have a pretty balance list ranging from high importance to the leisure. I think the biggest difference this year is that I not only made goals, but I also took the time to develop the action plans to hold myself accountable and make it happen. One can only try right?! So – have you done your goals for the year?! Do you have goals for the year, or are you just going to wing it like a champ??! Please share your new years resolution, I would enjoy reading them!

Last but not least, have a fabulous New Years family and friends. I hope that the new year brings you nothing but happiness, wealth, and good health!

– Cyndie –







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