Full Review Su:m37


I figured I’d give these 2 Sum37 products an in-depth review being that they were very much an investment. With that said, I’ll start out with the price point. Both products were about $60 each. I wanted to give it a try since I’ve heard such great reviews about the brand and additionally it’s supposed to be one of the more well known luxury lines in Korea. Again, I purchased it through Cosmetic-Love as I do for most of my k-beauty products.

Both these products were incorporated into my day and night time routine and I made sure to use the product sparingly. On first application, the eye cream was very “creamy”. It felt very soft and buttery on the skin with a hint of tackniness, sort of like honey butter (if you’ve ever had that) if you were to pinch it between two fingers. I loved it though, and I thought my skin drank it up pretty well. To be quite honest, I didn’t really see any noticeable difference in the first couple of weeks but the area underneath my eyes did feel very hydrating and light(?) if that makes any sense.

However – towards the end of week 4, I started noticing spots under my eye area. They looked like little white heads. It first appeared under my right eye, just one white head. I didn’t think much of it as I sometimes have a white head here and there, so I continued usage. Then after a couple more days another white head appeared under my left eye. At that point I stopped using the cream immediately. I remember reading an article months earlier that some eye creams end up just being too rich for certain skin type and when that happens, something called milia occurs. Little white heads which are fluid filled CYSTS – very difficult to get rid of. As you can imagine, I was pretty upset. Thank god there was only two to worry about. I left that area alone for almost a week or so and it slowly went away, I actually popped one of them (which you really shouldn’t do).

The serum – almost milky in texture, felt very nice and elegant for the first couple of weeks. I’m sure it was very much hydrating but I can’t be certain if it’s just psychologically knowing that I was putting on a “known” luxury item. Either way, my skin felt nice. Again, I don’t think I noticed much of a difference, other than feeling quite refreshed in the morning, no actual physical difference was seen after use. Then, after the milia started appearing under my eyes, I noticed break outs along my jawline and under my chin. Whaddaya know, the very same areas where I applied the serum! There were no apparent breakouts on the other parts of my face that the serum was exposed to. What’s most frustrating is that the breakouts were pretty deep, not even white heads, so now there’s nothing to “pop”, and the skin around that affected area just felt very bumpy.

So once again, the affected parts of my skin went untouched to any kind of lotion, essence, serum etc. The only thing I did was exfoliate and cleansed in those areas.

My skin has just started to heal in the last week or so. There’s still a bit of bumpiness but the majority of it is gone. Overall, I had a less than impressive experience with Sum37. Very disappointing since I wanted it to be a cure all product so bad given the hype and amount of investment. But, you live and you learn. I ended up giving both of the products to my sister, who of course was born with the better skin. Haven’t heard any complaints from her thus far – or if she’s even used it, she’s not quite the skin enthusiast as I am.

I give these 2 products 1.5/5 stars just because it didn’t serve any kind of purpose or made a difference to my skin (on top of ruining it sort to say) along with the price point. I definitely would not/cannot repurchase and wouldn’t recommend it to family and friends, but we all have different skin and some people do swear by it, so I’ll leave it up to each individual consumer. Overall, I believe it’s not that the product didn’t “work”, the ingredients were probably just too “rich” for my skin.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next one!

– Cyndie –



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