January Lifestyle and Beauty Favorites

I know I am a bit late, but better late than never. Here are just a couple of random life style, every day goodies that I’ve been loving/loved in January.



Need I say more?! Coffee hasn’t been the same. I cannot work another shift without having a dose of coffee with a little bit of fatty loving! It’s sooo good – and so bad, yes I know, but I justify it with my 4am work hours! 🙂


This is actually not that bad! It’s not a lot of calories and it really does hit the spot. I’m not really a sweet tooth (pretend you didn’t see that creamer up above). I portion them out into 2 cup baggies and have 1 bag a day if I choose to. Definitely give it a try! I’ve already stocked up for this week


I recently discovered this brand strolling through Wal-Mart. I ran out of my regular candles and bought a couple of these on a whim and they boy do they deliver! Rustic Lakehouse is a must if you enjoy cologne like smells, it’s sooo good. I would say they’re definitely a dupe for bath and body work candles. I think the longevity is about the same as well, however, it doesn’t burn quite as evenly as my other candles, or bath and body candles for that matter. Overall, still can’t beat that price – $4.95 I believe!300

I also bought this lovely little thing on a whim this month. I typically purchase the Tree Hut brand but my local Walmart didn’t have the scent I wanted in stock so being that this one was cheaper I decided to give it a try. The scent is amazing when it hits the skin and lingers into the shower steam, but of course, you would have to like that deeper, musky scent – cologne-y? It’s not a sweet scent by any means, I’m just not that girl 🙂 . Overall, works just as well as the Tree Hut brand, or any other brand that I’ve tried and again, can’t beat the price. ~ $3


Let me just say — luxe! I really don’t like the thought of spending a lot of money on quick disposables like cotton pads but OMG, if you’ve never tried these, you have to! It’s so soft, and holds up so well. It’s definitely hard to go back to my cheap Wal-mart ones. Love3


Lately – I’ve been picking this guy up again. I hated it when I first purchased it. To be quite honest it broke me out, and it still kind of does, but now that my skin has gotten so much clearer and smooth, the added touch of this powder is almost perfection on some days LOL. Still debating if I want to repurchase another one, it is rather expensive and does break me out on 3/5 occasions. 😦  . On another note, I’m pretty sure my skin care routine has been working it’s magic because the shade I currently have is all of a sudden way too dark on me now..another 😦 face


Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards this little number, Nars matte lip pencil in Roman Holiday. I hardly ever put anything on my lips but I’ve been feeling saucy…lately, just a little bit fancy! LOL – It’s not dramatic at all, and I use a very light hand, it just gives me enough sheen and glisten in the morning 🙂


And last but not least, I somehow found my way back to this guy. I wore this maybe back in college, but with the enormous mascara market I sort of forgot about this. I picked it up again this month and am falling in love again. I go from having no lashes to about 4 or 5 little whisker flicks. Makes me feel so pretty! 🙂

Well – that’s pretty much it. I don’t try a lot of new things, hence my very small list. But every now and then I throw in something new or bring back and oldy. As always, thanks for reading, and stay warm!

– Cyndie –



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