Tip Thursday – Are You Getting a Run For Your Money

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Hello friends – as you can tell from the title, I am starting up Tip Thursdays on the blog as well following Weightloss Wednesdays. I hope to incorporate some very educational and valuable literature for your reading pleasure weekly and hope to instill new knowledge or if it’s old news, then perhaps maybe just a refresher.

Skin care skin care skin care, need I say more. If you’ve been following my blog,  you know that in the last couple of years I have developed a newfound love for Korean Skin Care. In this journey not only have I incorporated a lot of new foreign products into my religious regimens but I have also gained quite a bit of knowledge about the DERM world.

So for today’s topic, Are you really getting what you paid for? I think this question is a lot more important for us aging folks that are really looking for power products, those that are vital to our holding our youth and of the utmost potent. How many times have you purchased a product after reading about how wonderful it is only to find that it did absolutely nothing for you? And how many of those times did you spend a fortune? Furthermore, how many of those times did you bother to read the ingredients label? I’m going to estimate that most of you/us DIDN’T read that label.

It’s okay – we’ve all been there. How do you even begin to read that list, what does it even mean and why should you even care right?! Well – here’s the thing. WE SHOULD CARE. Now just very brief, to prevent a 3hr read, I’m going to share why.

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Label

If you take a look at this label, you’ll notice that the first ingredient on the list is “water”. What that means is that this product is mainly composed of water. The ingredients are listed in chronological order from greatest volume/mass to least. So depending on what this product claims to do, and how much it retails for, is it justifiable to purchase something that’s mainly water? side-note –> not that water is necessarily a bad “main” ingredient in all cases

There are 3 main things that I suggest you do or start doing, because I believe those are the best things to keep in mind to get the most for your dollar. Familiarize yourself with 1). the main compounds that make up skin care products (liquids, fillers, power ingredients, etc) 2). Know what the main ingredient is in the product you are purchasing 3). where in the list is the POWER ingredient

1). Unless you have no interest whatsoever or your skin is perfection, I suggest leisurely educating yourself about products and ingredients. Understanding the various products allows you to get a general sense of how great a product you’re purchasing; is it just full of chemicals, such as perfume and parabens? Is it all water and fillers and nothing more? So unless you get familiarized with some of these ingredients, you won’t even really know if the product is what it says it is – make sense?

2). As I stated above, the first few ingredients on the list make up the majority of the product so you need to know what exactly you’re buying. Most of the time it ends up just being water gelled up with fillers. Pay attention – is it something you’re allergic to. I’m allergic to benzyl peroxide, wouldn’t make sense to purchase a product with that ingredient near the top of the list, or on the list period..right?

3). Only after completing the first 2 steps can you fully understand the 3rd step. And I’ll wrap that all nicely with an applicable situation: if you didn’t know, “niacinamide” is one of the many powerhouse ingredients that locks in moisture, so, say you’re in the market for a good cream or moisturizer to combat dryness. However, when you look at the product label you notice that “niacinamide” is either non-existent or located towards the end of the list. If niacinamide is nonexistent, then…well you’re just buying a cream for the sake of being a cream and you’re not going to reap any kind of benefit, therefore throwing your money down the drain. If the ingredient is located towards the end of the list, you have a bit of hope. However, it’s still a toss up whether or not this product is going to perform effectively because being the last item on a list can mean 15% or 1%, and we don’t know which is it. I can certainly say that it won’t perform as well as a product with this ingredient on top. Now – do take this example with a grain of salt, it’s very generalized because niacinamide is not the ONLY ingredient that helps with moisturizing, so just because it’s absent doesn’t necessarily mean that something of the equal value or greater isn’t already existent in a product, hence why I say it’s important to know the different ingredients.

I know it’s a lot especially if you’re foreign to skin care, but hopefully it served as an eye opener, or got you thinking for the next time you’re in the market for a product. Again, a disclaimer as always, I am not an expert or a specialist or claim to know it all. I’m just sharing a glimpse of what I’ve learned through research and trial and error. But, if you’re interested and have questions, I’d be glad to answer to the best of my abilities. After all, who here doesn’t crave and long for endless beauty 🙂

Thanks for reading

– Cyndie –