Weight Loss Wednesday

Hello – and welcome to another Weight Loss Wednesday!


photo courtesy of simpleeeconomist.com

This week I’m sharing with you one of my planning strategies, it’s probably one of the most important things on my list if not the MOST. It’s smack dab right on the front of our fridge so EVERYONE knows what they’re eating (the boy’s meals are in bold).


This is definitely not a “meal” prep blog but rather a focus on the importance of preparation. I don’t care what your meal is or how you prep it, the key is that you have a plan. A large part of preparation coincides with follow through. And you all know what I’m talking about. If it’s not done, if you don’t have it, well, you ain’t gonna eat it and you’re going to resort to something else, or something bad especially if you’re hungry.

This is the meal plan for August because I prefer to do monthly planning to get it out of the way and at least I know far enough in advance what’s coming or if I need to change something due to my schedule. You certainly don’t have to do a whole month, but I’d recommend at least 1 week at a time. EFFICIENCY is key! I’m able to check what I have and don’t already have in my pantry before going to the store which allows me to shop appropriately when I do my weekly runs and it also prevents me from running multiple times to the store or buying extra or excessive amounts of goods because I know exactly what I need. In addition, this schedule also allows for “way ahead of meal time” prep. If I know I’m making stir-fry midweek, I can prepare and cut up my meats and veggies ahead of time 🙂

Hopefully this was a good tip for you and perhaps it’ll inspire you to get organizing!

– Cyndie –



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