Skincare habits you should be doing now!


As a skincare fanatic whose done so much reading and researching, the best advice I can give to my fellow lady friends is prevention, prevention, prevention. The earlier the better, even if you think you have perfect skin, or non-problematic skin. I get it – it’s a huge investment and commitment, but just like everything else in life, not EVERYTHING has to come from money, or, lots of money $$$$ 😉 . And today, I’ll share a couple of tips to help you kick start your dermatology habits!

1). Water – hydration3. I know, if I had a dollar for every time a skin expert have ever said that to me. But it’s so true – the simple things in life. Try it, especially if you know you don’t drink enough water daily. I am an avid believer in taking care of your skin from the inside out, although I don’t always practice that and have quite a long ways to go. I drink water in spurts. Some months I drink a ton of water and other months no so much. When I do, I definitely notice a beautiful glow to my skin, especially right when I wake up in the morning

2). If you sleep on your tummy – STOP right now! There’s really no other way but to squish your face into the pillow in this position. And I’m going to guess that 95% of us do not sleep on silk/satin pillow cases either. The reason is quite obvious, the more pressure and strain you put on your face/skin, the more its going to permanently stay. Not only are premature wrinkles a problem in this position, you’re also introducing more bacteria on to your face, imagine how much bacteria and everything else that’s harboring in that no no. So, if you’re like me and can’t sleep on your back, transition to your side. Although a part of your face may still touch the pillow, it’s a lot better than your entire face all night long

3). Enjoy your nice and hot showers at night? Especially this time of year for my midwesterners, well STOP! Although it may feel good and you may have heard at some point that warm/steaming water helps open up pores, hot, steaming water is a NO NO for your skin. It absolutely dries it out, and if you already have inflamed, sensitive skin like mine, well, it’s just going to create more irritation and redness. When washing/cleansing your face, I recommend starting with luke warm water and finishing off with cold/cool water

4). This one is definitely a given but STOP touching your face! I used to do this all the time growing up, whether it was me checking for oil, acne, irritation, boredom, you name it! It’s definitely a habit to stop, we always forget how dirty our hands and fingers are and that’s something I don’t have to go into detail right?

5). Last but not least, I recommend you stop drying your face with a towel. Especially the same one you bath with!!!! There’s so much bacteria harboring there, especially if you don’t get around to washing it frequently! For the last couple of years, I’ve been drying my face with clean, soft paper towel, and as of late, I’ve just been patting my face dry with clean hands. If you don’t like the thought of using paper towel or using your hands, I would suggest using a new clean towel each time

So there you have it, my top 5 expense free tips for healthier skin! I hope that helps, and if you’ve already taken these measures, kudos to you!

Thanks for reading, until next time loves!

– Cyndie –

Full Review Su:m37


I figured I’d give these 2 Sum37 products an in-depth review being that they were very much an investment. With that said, I’ll start out with the price point. Both products were about $60 each. I wanted to give it a try since I’ve heard such great reviews about the brand and additionally it’s supposed to be one of the more well known luxury lines in Korea. Again, I purchased it through Cosmetic-Love as I do for most of my k-beauty products.

Both these products were incorporated into my day and night time routine and I made sure to use the product sparingly. On first application, the eye cream was very “creamy”. It felt very soft and buttery on the skin with a hint of tackniness, sort of like honey butter (if you’ve ever had that) if you were to pinch it between two fingers. I loved it though, and I thought my skin drank it up pretty well. To be quite honest, I didn’t really see any noticeable difference in the first couple of weeks but the area underneath my eyes did feel very hydrating and light(?) if that makes any sense.

However – towards the end of week 4, I started noticing spots under my eye area. They looked like little white heads. It first appeared under my right eye, just one white head. I didn’t think much of it as I sometimes have a white head here and there, so I continued usage. Then after a couple more days another white head appeared under my left eye. At that point I stopped using the cream immediately. I remember reading an article months earlier that some eye creams end up just being too rich for certain skin type and when that happens, something called milia occurs. Little white heads which are fluid filled CYSTS – very difficult to get rid of. As you can imagine, I was pretty upset. Thank god there was only two to worry about. I left that area alone for almost a week or so and it slowly went away, I actually popped one of them (which you really shouldn’t do).

The serum – almost milky in texture, felt very nice and elegant for the first couple of weeks. I’m sure it was very much hydrating but I can’t be certain if it’s just psychologically knowing that I was putting on a “known” luxury item. Either way, my skin felt nice. Again, I don’t think I noticed much of a difference, other than feeling quite refreshed in the morning, no actual physical difference was seen after use. Then, after the milia started appearing under my eyes, I noticed break outs along my jawline and under my chin. Whaddaya know, the very same areas where I applied the serum! There were no apparent breakouts on the other parts of my face that the serum was exposed to. What’s most frustrating is that the breakouts were pretty deep, not even white heads, so now there’s nothing to “pop”, and the skin around that affected area just felt very bumpy.

So once again, the affected parts of my skin went untouched to any kind of lotion, essence, serum etc. The only thing I did was exfoliate and cleansed in those areas.

My skin has just started to heal in the last week or so. There’s still a bit of bumpiness but the majority of it is gone. Overall, I had a less than impressive experience with Sum37. Very disappointing since I wanted it to be a cure all product so bad given the hype and amount of investment. But, you live and you learn. I ended up giving both of the products to my sister, who of course was born with the better skin. Haven’t heard any complaints from her thus far – or if she’s even used it, she’s not quite the skin enthusiast as I am.

I give these 2 products 1.5/5 stars just because it didn’t serve any kind of purpose or made a difference to my skin (on top of ruining it sort to say) along with the price point. I definitely would not/cannot repurchase and wouldn’t recommend it to family and friends, but we all have different skin and some people do swear by it, so I’ll leave it up to each individual consumer. Overall, I believe it’s not that the product didn’t “work”, the ingredients were probably just too “rich” for my skin.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next one!

– Cyndie –


Fine Lines – Holy Grail Serum


Today, I’m finally sharing with you my holy grail serum! As you can tell by the picture, it’s pure Vitamin C! – well, along with other luscious ingredients and binders of course. About a year ago, I was in search of a serum, anything, to help with fine lines that were starting to appear on my forehead. Well, one fine line anyway. After I turned 30 I came to accept that my skin was aging along with the rest of my child bearing body. Although I wasn’t always too self-conscious about wrinkles and fine lines, I was effortlessly keeping track of the minute things that I did see day to day. Ultimately, the one line never went away, it seemed to get more and more prominent over the years and to make matters worse through the course of our living situation and transitions, my skin took on a lot of stress last year.

After I got into Korean skin care I started youtubing a lot of products and just general skincare literature. I wandered onto a blog, that I can no longer credit because I’ve forgotten. The author shared her experience with this serum and posted her before and after results- hence, I was sold. Ordered my first concoction the very next day. Now, almost a year later, here are the results;



I apologize that the quality is so bad. The before picture (bottom) was taken with my Note 5, without the anticipation that I was ever going to share these results someday. So a couple of weeks ago my mom made a comment about my forehead, something along the lines of my skin looking clearer and that my “one line” faded. So – I decided to do a blog post about my experience and figured the only fair way to really compare the results is to take the after picture in the same lighting and with the same camera.

In the before picture you can see that there is at least one large fine line going across the center of my forehead along with a lot of little bumps and grooves and more lines, almost poreous..porous? Is that a word?! LOL

In the after picture, you can tell that my skin has really softened up in those same areas. The little lines and pores have faded down to just a minimal area in the center and the large line is almost completely gone.

Now- is it a miracle? NO. Do I have bad days? Very much so. Don’t get me wrong, the results have been amazing, this serum has worked wonders but the fact of the matter is, there is nothing that can stop time = aging. When I have very stressful days, or don’t stay true to my skin care regimen, I definitely see fine lines and wrinkles in the morning after a restless night  😦 . Bottom line, lifestyle is key. It’s not a quick fix, nor is it a permanent fix. And this is my honest opinion to all of my girl friends out there. My skin has definitely improved and the fine lines have definitely faded, but it’s not a cure, it’s only buying my skin time. So long as I continue my religious regimen, my skin does well.


If you are aware or know about vitamin c at all, it’s not the most gentle ingredient, it actually stings on application. I have have very sensitive and acne prone skin. Although this serum is very potent and gives great results, I refrain from using it everyday because it’s too strong for my skin. So, if you’re content about giving this a try, I recommend testing it on a small area of your face first for precautionary measures. Because I use multiple serums for multiple issues, I rotate my products and use this serum only every three days. Also, notice that it comes in a “dark” bottle, meaning it’s light sensitive. That same rule applies when you put it on your skin so I don’t recommend using this as a part of your morning regime or during the day if you’re going to be out in the sun. Personally, I use this only at night time.

Application – I squeeze a small amount of product onto the palms of my hand, a little goes a long ways, trust me. And then I press it into my face, focusing mainly on my forehead, chin, and jawline, where most of my problems are. The product itself is kind of orange in color and it’s a little more dilute than other serums, not quite as thick. There’s also a distinct citrus smell as well. My one complaint is that it leaves a sticky-film like texture behind which bothers me so I wash just wash my hands afterwards.

If you’re interested, I purchased this product from I absolutely enjoy shopping and trying new products from that website, it’s very user friendly and has a wide range of products with different price points. Payment is hassel free with paypal and shipping is also free (with a minimum purchase). I usually get my orders in less than 2 weeks, and have never had a problem. Do check them out! Here is a 15% off coupon towards your first purchase!

Thank you for reading friends! I hope that this blog is able to help you out with your skin care questions, issues, and concerns or even if it was just a learning experience. As I’ve said before, I enjoy sharing things and products that work for me and only hope that I can help you as well. Last but not least, although this product may have worked for me, please know that we all have different skin and problems so it’s never a one size fits all. Do take the time to learn about your own skin and conditions and explore and experiment with all the wonderful products out there on the market.


– Cyndie –

New Years


Credits: Lovely Little Style

I know, it’s that cliche time of year. We’re all making our resolutions and goals for the new year, or perhaps, renewing them 😉 .  So just like the rest of America, here I am, sharing mine with you. But first, a recap of 2016.

A lot of this year was really spent focusing on adjusting to our new life here in Wisconsin; financially, psychologically, physically, emotionally. I don’t think we really knew the challenges and success we were going to face. Through all of the changes we spent a lot of time a part (not in a bad way), my husband working nights and 24/7, and me focusing on taking care of my parents and finding my career. In the midst of all of this, I unfortunately continued down the wrong path to my health. However, we went on our first family vacation. It was everything that I thought it would be and such great memories for my son, he absolutely loved it and asks for airplane rides and hotels and pools all the time now. Our town home finally finished construction and we moved in in August. It’s nothing amazing, but we are very much enjoying how new it is and how cute and cozy we’ve made it. So – settling in have now been officially checked off for 2016. Moving forward!

Healthy life style change

I know – I know. But I’m positive that I have a fool proof plan. I’m not defining any kind of numbers of any sort but I’m incorporating a different action plan this year. I’ve been contemplating back and forth on whether I was really going to do this or not, and….I’M DOING THIS. I’m going to capture my journey and bring you along for the ride. So stay tuned! It’s the only way to really hold myself accountable? If that makes any sense. I feel like if I put myself out there and people are anticipating to see results, or that I fail LOL, I’d be more motivated to succeed and fear to fail. I’m not quite sure about the format at this point but I’d like to really incorporate this into both vlogs and blogs.

New addition to the family

🙂  No, probably not a baby. But thank you for thinking that! We are in desperate need of a new CAR. So it is our goal this year to make that happen. It’ll probably be your typical asian import car, but, I’m not fussy at all about what we get. I’m not that person. Anything will work for me so long as it’s automatic! We have been sharing our SUV for the longest time and as you can imagine, it can be quite inefficient sometimes not to mention heavy on the gas and mileage. Thank god we live close to my parents and they have an array of cars for us to borrow from!

Learn a new skill

I love learning new things, and aspiring to do so much. For a long time I’ve always wanted to take crafting and baking classes and exploring floristry. I also want to sharpen my photography skills and to strengthen my photo editing skills as well. And don’t get me started on learning tax laws and investment strategies. There’s so much to do and so little time. With all that’s in store already for this year, I will probably enjoy doing something more simple and carefree.

Blog content

Can you tell that I love writing? Sharing? Teaching? If I could blog full time I would, it may just be my happy place; my perfect job. I think it’s because I’m such a passionate and expressive person, and yes, perhaps very opinionated. I have so much content that I want to write about but due to the many priorities in my life, blogging is definitely brushed aside. However, I really want to put out more content this year, at the very least, once a week and maybe even do series. Who knows! We shall see!

That pretty much wraps it up. Not a lot of very small goals this year as in past years, but very dense and long term projects is how I would put it. I think I’m pretty satisfied with the other parts of my life right now, and so these are some of the key areas that I want to focus special attention to in the coming months. And I think I have a pretty balance list ranging from high importance to the leisure. I think the biggest difference this year is that I not only made goals, but I also took the time to develop the action plans to hold myself accountable and make it happen. One can only try right?! So – have you done your goals for the year?! Do you have goals for the year, or are you just going to wing it like a champ??! Please share your new years resolution, I would enjoy reading them!

Last but not least, have a fabulous New Years family and friends. I hope that the new year brings you nothing but happiness, wealth, and good health!

– Cyndie –






A Late Merry Christmas

I know I’m late as usual but I still want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! We had a very low key Christmas this year, and I mean LOW KEY, as in we lounged around in our PJ’s all day. I think it was much needed though. I had such high hopes for this holiday and once again I blew it; barely splurged on any gifts, did not complete my festive decor around the house, did not accomplish pictures or Christmas cards either. But, I figure I’ll share the little that I do have and did succeed in doing. Enjoy!


Our homey front door. Although it’s not entirely what I wanted, it’s still cute, and it works. The little crate to the left, I picked up at Walmart and it’s probably something I’ll use seasonally. I actually placed pumpkins in it this fall along with some golden mums and it was absolutely darling. For the holidays I really wanted to create a rustic look with christmas picks and lights along with some white birch logs but I wasn’t able to find any locally 😦 . The wreath….probably the most disappointing of all my decor. It was definitely last minute and no matter how many times I tried to adjust all the pieces; well, it is what it is. Better luck next year I guess. Now, let’s go inside 🙂


Here are 2 different shots of our foyer/entryway, if one would even call it that 😉 . It’s probably one of my favorite looks. However, it didn’t start out this way. I couldn’t decide on how to decorate it. My holiday theme has always been white so I wanted everything to look WHITE. Sadly, there’s not a lot of white themed things at any of our local stores, but I scraped up a couple of things and I think it went well together. The lantern is a staple piece that I always have on my table, I just change out the “inside” decor seasonally. Both the lantern and birchwood candles are from Home Goods. And then the 2 little glowing christmas trees I also purchased from Home Goods as well. Originally I thought they were going to look good up on my TV stand but our large TV pretty much took over. I was going to return them and placed them temporarily on this table to return and then realized it looked pretty good. LOL. So I just kept it there. But…that still didn’t mesh the entire scene together so I added 3 white pillar candles in between. And when that still didn’t contend to my hearts desire I placed 2 tapered candles in back to create more height. As you can tell, we made good use of the candles, they are not just for display ;-P  .  Lastly, I needed one more piece to balance out the lantern on the opposite side. I found a white christmas tree with a ceramic base, almost like a plant pot, but it still didn’t look right. So, I caved into my “all white” rule and pictures of this dusty cranberry tree from Michaels. It’s so pretty, and even though it’s not as white as I would like, it wrapped up the entire look. If you’re curious, the decorative mirror is also from Home Goods.


So this is what I have on my TV stand. I ended up buying 2 white christmas tree candles. They are unscented and were just perfect for the look, however, as I mentioned earlier, our TV is pretty big so to counter that I placed the candles on 2 of my bejewled candle holders. Isn’t it pretty?!  It worked so well together.


Last but not least, our Christmas tree! Believe me, I did a whole lot of rearranging and moving around to get this tree into our cozy little living room. Placing it in front of our pseudo french doors was the perfect spot! Credits all to myself for the manpower! This tree is actually pretty old and I bought it from a nice elderly couple off of craigslist a while back, it’s a 7.5ft and very full and very well maintained; perfect for the price. The tree has 300 string lights on it and all of the ornaments are WHITE of course. All of the ornaments are from either Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The tree itself is green but I tried my best to flock it with some pretty picks from Michaels, I have to say it turned out very nice. Each year I continue to add new things to the tree so it keeps growing!


My sweet pea, gazing at all his gifts every night 🙂 

And there you have it, our mini holiday home tour. Hopefully, next year I’ll be better prepared and have the entire house decked out! Once again, I wish you and your family nothing but lots of love during this special time of year, and as always, stay warm! Now, let the count down begin!

– Cyndie –

Holy Grail Skincare – Korean


Winter has arrived here in the mid-west and it is brutal – temperatures have been subzero! But, unlike years passed, my skin is doing W E L L thanks to all the wonderful things I’ve been incorporating into my HOLY grail Korean skin care regimen. Bare with me, this is going to be lengthy.


So through the work week and as I wind down the night, I start my routine by taking off my makeup with the Garnier cleansing water. When I started this over a year ago, I liked it and felt that it did the job well. However, as of late, it’s become sort of a nuisance. It takes so many rounds of dabbing and rubbing, and yet there’s still residue left over. *thumbs down* Once I finish this current bottle, I’m definitely switching over to……………………..cleansing oils. So excited to try, already have a shipment on the way


So here’s where the tediousness really begins; on Wednesdays and Saturdays I exfoliate with this magnificent gem.  First I get my face dampened a bit, not so much though, otherwise the crystals don’t work too well. Then I work in a small dab of product all around my face really focusing on the problem areas like my cheeks and nose. The sugar crystals are fairly granular so do be GENTLE – and even so the end result will still AMAZE you. I kid you not, the first time I used this I was blown away. My skin was so supple and soft afterwards, but that wasn’t even the best part. I noticed a drastic change in the appearance of my pores – that in itself speaks for this product. I have very large pores! Now as good as these results may be, because of it’s strong effects, I only recommend using it 1-2 times a week. $17 (?)


On the days that I don’t exfoliate, I jump into the shower to cleanse after taking off my makeup. Don’t let the simple name of this product fool you, I got a miniscule amount of this stuff (if even), splattered into my eye in the shower once and I almost cried like a baby! Potent stuff! Of all the Korean cleansers I’ve tried, I wouldn’t say this is the best one. Some mornings I wake up and my skin does look very refreshed and bright, but I don’t know if I just had a good night’s rest? Plus, it doesn’t give me that “squeaky clean” effect afterwards – does that make any sense? I probably wouldn’t repurchase this, but the price point was great. $12.00 (+ -)


Side note – I never use bath towels or any towel really to dry my face (if I can help it). I normally use paper towel (conveniently store on the bathroom shelf), or I air dry, all dependent on the kind of time/night I’m having.

As soon as my face is dry, I apply essence next. Some people like to dab the product onto a cotton pad first but I prefer pouring the solution onto my hands and then lather and dab it onto my face – that way, I can rub the remaining solution over both of my hands – this stuff is so WONDERFUL. My skin has significantly improved in the last year and a half and I have to give thanks to this product since it’s the one thing that I’ve kept consistent in my regimen. I no longer have break outs, my acne scars have healed, and my once bumpy skin now feels smooth to the touch. As always, I highly recommend this product given it’s quality of ingredients, effectiveness and overall price point. $20-$36

**In Korean skin care, the order in which products are applied is very important so a lot of the products/names will usually include phrases/words such as “the first”  “first step” “Initial” – that’s a good indicator that that’s the first product you should apply after cleansing**


I have been loving this toner – notice the name says “serum”. That’s another quirk about Korean skincare. It’s not really a serum, what you and I would normally consider serum. This actually works like a toner if you read the fine print. It’s to “prep the skin” for what’s to come next. Does the orange not say it all? I love3 the citri-ness(?)! It’s so light, yet so refreshing and clean once it’s on the skin, don’t know how else to describe it. Does it do anything magnificent to my skin – I can’t be sure, but I just know that I love the way it feels. $20 (?)


Next is serum. I’ve been trying out this new one by Su:m 37 (currently rotating between 4 – Missha’s Time Revolution, Mammonde, C20 Vit. C, Innisfree). I just wanted to share this product because it’s so new to me. I’ve used it for about a month now – not enough to see anything dramatic yet but my skin does feel very delicate and soft in the morning after application. I don’t think there’s any kind of scent, other then it smells fresh – if there’s such a thing. Su:m 37 is one of Korea’s luxury skincare line, so it’s not consumer friendly in the $$ area. It indeed looks and feels that way though, packaging is beautiful, but I have yet to find out if it’ll pay off and if I’ll get the bang for my buck. Serums either come in an eye dropper applicator or a small pump (the one’s I’ve used any way). This bottle comes in a pump form so I just squeeze out 3 small pumps onto my middle/ring finger and then dab and massage it into my skin mainly focusing on problem areas; acne scar, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation etc. $60


**I strongly recommend all my lady friends to start using eye creams/products**

Next – eye cream. Another Su:m product. So far I can’t complain nor compliment. It’s only been about a month so I haven’t seen much changes if any at all. The consistency of this “cream” is a lot thinner than any eye cream I’ve used before, but it doesn’t bother me, or my skin. It also has a very gentle smell – kind of like an old lady perfume, but not really, not in a bad way anyway :-). $60

**I’ve always used Lancome eye creams and also recommend them**


And now to my favorite, if not the funnest and  maybe even most important! Sheet masks! It’s taking the beauty world by storm, myself included. It’s so addicting! I have a ton and wear one EVERY NIGHT. I cannot begin to tell you the wonders it’s done for my face/skin. This is my favorite step for a lot of reasons, first and fore most, I feel like a million bucks at the end of my night after I’ve completed this step along with the other 100 steps and products. It’s basically like having a miniature spa/pampering…every night, who doesn’t want that?!

Secondly, and most importantly, not a lot of people know this, but it’s packed with a ton of wonderful nutrients and high potent goodness for your skin, so it’s not just CUTE or for FUN. There’s a sheet mask formulated for every skin issue you can imagine. In addition, if you can take nothing out of this holy regimen or Korean skin care in general it’s that opening up a package and slapping something form fitting on your face packed with derma-essentials is so EASY, not to mention disposable, it’s the solution to a lazy girls skin care routine! And there’s more, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either, especially when you buy in bulk. These masks range anywhere between $1.50 – $25 per sheet. I have yet to spend more than $5 on a sheet.

**(tip) if you want to try sheet masks but don’t have time or want to worry about ordering something you don’t like, or just want to pick something up on the whim – Walmart is now carrying a Korean brand sheet mask! Soo Ae. I highly recommend the “Deep sea water collagen essence mask”. My skin LOVED it. $2.50**

And that’s pretty much it for my routine. I promise, it sounds worse than it really is, especially once you start getting into the routine and seeing the results. Remember that it’s an INVESTMENT – keyword. Everything that I share with you is my complete honest opinion, this is nothing more than woman to woman talk. I appreciate and enjoy nothing more than when other women share their beauty secrets! As always, I do want to mention a disclaimer that I’m not a skin expert nor am I suggesting you go out and buy all these products or that you’re going to end up with the same results as I did. We are human, we are all built and made differently, so it’s not a one size fits all. I am only recommending what’s worked so well for me and the reasons I enjoy the products that I have. It’s been over a year now since I’ve exposed myself to Korean skin care and I love it so much and am so passionate about it. I definitely plan to blog and share more with you all, especially if you’re new to this whole trend and don’t really know where to start!

And I apologize, I really wish I can film an actual tutorial but I found out the hard way that it’s….a lot harder than I think it is. LOL. I’m sure most people have a filming partner? And the other part of it is probably just me, warming my way up to sit in front of the camera 🙂

Thank you for reading. Stay warm mid-west!

9 Years – Thank you


Hilton Wedding Reception – 2008

Cannot believe that it has already been 9 years, it feels just like yesterday that we were still running wild, holding hands, and having butterflies; high school love. 10 years ago, I would’ve never believed it if someone told me that we’d be here now. I really have to give much thanks to fate, that of all the places we could have been in the world, of all the people we could have been with, we ended up in the same place together on that very cold and snowy December night so long ago.

It’s been such an amazing ride. Looking back, we were so  young; so dumb even at times. We had so much to learn about ourselves and about one another. We taught each other how beautiful marriage could really be if we didn’t give up. Together through our heartaches we were able to find an undying love, for each other and for hope. And it really wasn’t until then that I fully understood what marriage vows meant. You stood the testament of those promises to which you fulfilled; for better or for worse. You never left my side and you never reopened the wounds that someone else left behind. You definitely taught me that love didn’t have to be a game, that there is no shade of gray, just black and white; all or nothing. Most of all, you always keep me grounded.


Graduation – 2013

Everything I have in my life, in our life that we can call our own, my success and career, I give thanks to you. Don’t ever think that your love and support has gone unnoticed and unappreciated. For so many years you patiently and graciously put me through school, without a single complaint, without asking for a single thing in return. You’ve worked undeniably hard and still do. I complain, to that I admit, about all the mundane things in our life, but in all honesty I know I’ve had it good, after all these years I definitely know what it means to be put on a pedestal. Everything that I have ever wanted, you’ve given to me within your means. Sometimes I swear that your sole purpose in life is to wake up make me happy ;-), yes to everything and anything. But the greatest love you’ve given me? The freedom to love my family, my parents wholeheartedly. I couldn’t thank you enough in this life time or the next for your genuine and sincere heart, and some may choose to never see that but you are an amazing husband and quite frankly an amazing human being, your parents should be proud of the man you’ve come to be.

Finally, thank you again and as always for your never ending support; for believing in me and always reminding me to never settle for less than I’m worth. For talking me through some of my darkest days, and for lifting me up when I completely lost my faith. I’m so glad that I took that leap with you, because now the best is yet to come. Our dreams are finally coming true. I’m so excited to see what this new adventure brings and what is in store for us.

And now, let the celebrations begin. And although this is a bitter sweet month for us, I carry the sadness on my sleeves and happiness in my heart. Where there is LOVE, there is HOPE. 9 years have been nothing short of amazing. I’d do it over a thousand times and I’d never change fate, the one thing that brought me to you. I am truly blessed to have you as mine and I am so honored to be your wife. Happy anniversary – I love you, I love us, marriage never looked so beautiful.


Minnehaha Falls – 2006